Pitch & Pint Podcast: Episode 64 Show Notes

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Season 3, Episode 64 of the Pitch & Pint Podcast recorded Tuesday, October 20 2020, Welcome to Bizarro World

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Hello and welcome to Episode 64 of the Pitch & Pint podcast, my name is Stephen and you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter.

If you happen to read my latest Think Different article for GW5, then you might have seen I’ve compared the start of this season to that of Bizzaro World, which in popular culture has come to represent a situation or setting which is weirdly inverted or opposite to expectations.


But what the blasted hell is going on in FPL? Let’s compare it to The Matrix as everything is not, as it seems. Liverpool defense, struggling conceding 13 through 5, but Villa…fucking Villa conceded just 2. Everton, top of the league. Villa…fucking Villa 2nd! And Fulham, well Fulham still can’t score and is already relegated.

While there is no “wrong” time to wild card, just 8.1% of managers across FPL hit the wild card button, which is just a percentage point lower than those who activated when I did in GW3. Remember Twitter is just a very small sliver of the overall community, I don’t believe they set or move any trends when it comes to the game. Sure, that is an unpopular opinion, regardless of the number of followers you have or the “influence” you believe your opinion carries.

The one factor FPL managers cannot account for, injuries and we have seen a rash of them to start this season. From Aguero and Jesus returning from injury to KDB coming out of the break. These are just a few who’s inclusion has caused some of the struggles we’ve seen this season. How do you replace a KDB’s creativity on the pitch? Or the lethalness of Aguero’s finishing? You don’t.

Defensively every team but Aston Villa have been struggling. This is a Villa defense that conceded 67 season, second worst in the league, next to Norwich City and their 75!

Not sure what direction I will take today, but there are many things to talk about out of the break, as we look forward to the next 4-week group of games before the next international break.

No Pitch & Pint Podcast is complete without beer and we will start the show with a new local beer from Imperiale Beer Project out of Brentwood, California.


One decision that is rarely difficult to make, what beer to drink. Craft beer has been excellent this year, even with many struggling with life it’s been great to see regulations relaxed in order to get craft beer flowing.

My local brewery, Imperiale Beer Project opened in April under challenging circumstances. Yet they have been able to tap the local communities and work within the new rules and regulations to be a brewery/restaurant thriving during these trying time.

Buy local is awesome! It’s fresh. Just canned. And honestly, tastes great! Plus, it makes me feel as if I am supporting the local economy instead of buying beer from other sources.

Since their opening on National Beer Day on April 7, I’ve been fortunate enough to sample every release they have had. That equates to 94 check ins on Untappd over 33 different beers.

Today it’s their newest kettle sour, Blueberry Sunset. This 5.2% beer is brewed with blueberries, peaches and vanilla. This is their fourth sour they have brewed and the best one so far in my opinion. Previously they brewed with raspberries and apricot, but the blueberries seem to make this kettle sour so damn good.

So let’s pop the top on this 16 ounce can.

Blueberry Sunset pours a bright, purple color with a loose and weak head that quickly fades, leaving no lacing on the glass.

The smell is fruity with the blueberries, not quite sweet and jammy but juicy with a hint of tartness and a slight vanilla aroma.

Let’s see how this goes down…mmm, now this is refreshing and very juicy over the palate. A big and bright blueberry flavor with a slight hint of peach but it’s the vanilla that decreases some of that sourness to make this a great offering.

What’ nice about these sours, if you can stomach them, they are light, low ABV and usually very easy drinking. Yet another excellent beer from my local brewery, who seems to be doing everything right.

Sadly, if you don’t live in the bay area, you will never get to experience their beer. I’ve sent a few cans to the UK, but that does bring me to this point.

Craft beer is about where you live. That is what makes this hobby so awesome. In the US, no matter where you are, chances are you can find a craft brewery. California is lucky, as we have over 900 breweries in the state! That’s nearly twice as many as the next two states combined, Colorado and New York.

Sure there are some highly sought craft breweries I search out, topping the list is Tree House Brewing out of Charlton, Mass. Thankfully I have a connection that does all the legwork for me, I pay for the beer and shipping. Tree House is just one of MANY breweries I search out.

In a trip 3 years ago, a buddy and I were delayed getting into Chicago, Illinois, where we were renting a car to drive east to Indiana. As luck would have it, we decided to stop off at 3 Floyds Brewing in Munster, Indiana the night before Dark Lord Day. The beer, the food, the experience was unforgettable.

During that same trip, we just happened upon this small, what looked like home brewer. The brewery was in a two-story house, its no wonder we drove by it twice! But Burn Em Brewing out of Michigan City, Indiana was great. Small, but the flights we had were very good beer. So craft is what you make of it.

Now with our kettle sour poured, I guess we must get into some FPL.


GW5 was a shit show for the most part, can’t say I am surprised because I don’t remember a time, we came through an international break unscathed. It rarely happens and why the fuck are teams playing friendlies? Fucking stupid! Is there that much money to be made with no fans in the stands and players potentially exposed? Fuck it, why should I even care? Honestly, I don’t. I am keeping it all in perspective, this is just a fantasy game that fills some down time in my life.

Funny I said that about NFL fantasy as well, some 38 years ago and we still play with the same group of guys I grew up with. Just 5 weeks into the season, I think I’ve given up trying to figure out the “why” this season. I’ve got no answers, as I will talk about in a bit.

While there are some players we expected to be playing up to their potential, there are quite a few surprises, but we see this every year. Sometimes they end up with the staying power through much of the season, Sheffield United defense and John Lindstrom come to mind, but often they fall well short of expectations based on a data set of only 5 game weeks. Teemu Pukki, oh how he fell off everyone’s radar last year.

I do feel the use VAPM has been beneficial, even if it’s a bit weighted to those GKs who picked up a PK save, or a budget defender who happens to return a goal and/or assist early. I’ve got some updated GW5 numbers and for the most part it resembles what we are seeing with total point.

Last year it was the Reds dominating the top of the defensive chart, but Robertson is 5 points off the pace, as Mings and Konsa set the pace at Villa. New boy, Timothy Castagne and Aaron Cresswell have been excellent as well, while Digne also sneaks in just ahead of Robbo.

So some surprising names defensively, in a season that’s seen a downturn in clean sheets. Many teams struggling at the back end of the pitch.

That can’t be said about attacking stats, as goals into GW5 were up, over 30 goals from last season. The midfield, is it really any surprise to see Son, Salah, Mane, Fernandes and Sterling? No, not at all.

More surprising has been the early play of who started the season at 7.5 or less; Rodrgiuez, Grealish, Zaha, Jorginho and of course the household names of Bowen and McGinn.

Goals, well more importantly assists for Harry Kane, who’s 60 points is the best in the league. Back to back games in which Harry has grabbed 2G/1A giving him 5 goals and 7 assists on the season.

Surprised, but not really surprised for DCL. I can’t remember if I mentioned in a previous podcast or in an article, I wrote on 6thGoal, but I mentioned that DCL could be a 10/10 forward. Now this year, he’s really emerged as a must own forward with Ancelotti at the helm and some changes to his game. He has been excellent each week of the season.

But, I think many non-Everton fans will agree, not sure we expected to see him the second highest scoring forward in total points, while leading the league with 7 goals, this early in the season. Remember what I said about staying power? So I think we need to watch him closely, but he does look like the real deal this season and could be a true break out year.

Aside from those two forwards not really impressed with the other names; Wilson, Maupay, Ings, Bamford and our two, one-week wonders Ollie Watkins and Timo Werner. Not high on either of them, although I probably ate a bit of crow this week, not backing Werner and honestly, if I were on him ahead of GW5, I probably would have transferred him out after all the no returns he posted through 4 weeks. Logical, right? Then again, how you give up a lead and draw with Sot’on, its criminal with Kepa in goal.

And while we jump Kepa’s shit. There is some crappy goalkeeping. Kepa, Pickford, Adrian and whatever keepers play for Leeds, West Brom and Fulham. While we are at it, toss in DDG, Pope, Ramsdale and Ederson, coming off City’s first clean sheet That’s 10 of the 20 teams in the Premier League. None of these players are playing up to the ability that we, as FPL managers expect. Outside of Martinez and Alisson, before his injury, there is a real lack of consistency between the posts through 5 weeks. This goes hand in hand with some sloppy defensive play we have seen as well.

Time permitting, I will also check out some numbers from the top 1000 managers in the game. I still feel these are the numbers to watch in order to have a successful season. But, you do what you need to do in order to put together a good FPL season.


I don’t even know where to begin. As I look at my team I’ve got issues and I actually thought things were bosh after I activated my wild card ahead of GW3. Amazing what a few weeks can do to a team that looked good…on paper.

Before the Merseyside Derby was over, I had already transferred Richarlison out of my squad and labelled him “cunt.” Just to let King know, I have come full circle on him mate. What a stupid challenge! Just like Pickford pulling out his best Hugo Lloris impression from 2018, sending VVD to the training room for the next 8 months.

Richarlison out. VVD out. KDB out. I know Christmas is on the way, but this way too much fucking red to continue the week with. No surprise that DCL takes Richarlison’s spot in my lineup. It’s obvious VVD will need to be moved ahead of GW6, so I will be taking a -4.

KDB? Could potentially start and I hindsight was wrong for not hitting and getting in the hot Son. Like that little play on words? However, I banked on my #1 bench player, Charlie Taylor for a CS, which he picked up, minus that yellow card, but I will take 5 points. Not as good had I hit and got Son in.

The best part of my season, to date has been the constant that is Mo Salah. I put it out there before the season started. I will be captaining Salah every week this season, excluding BYE weeks. He is just too good not to give the armband to every week. It’s 96 points from the Egyptian midfielder through 5 game weeks and he looks strong with 3 goals in his last 2 games and some excellent fixtures through the middle of January.

James Rodriguez continues to shine for Everton, picking up another assist this week to give him 3G/3A on the season. Six returns in 5 games. Couldn’t ask for more from a player who started the season at 7.5!

Also, this week I gambled just a bit and brought in Jorginho. My thinking is with all the movement inside the box from that Chelsea front line I could see Jorginho hitting from the spot every few weeks. This week it was a beautiful assist on a Timo Werner goal.

The punt on Phil Foden even worked to some degree this week, as he was my Jack Grealish replacement for GW4 and 5. Well, not that it worked out well when Villa hit for 7 against Liverpool, but was good to see Foden return 6 points.

The highlight of my team has been the play of Martinez at Villa. I don’t know if there has been any pundit, pod or personality that have talked up Villa this season. Just 2 goals conceded through 5 games and this defense is looking like Sheffield United of last year behind Dean Henderson. Another 5 saves, a clean sheet and 2 bonus points.

I have no idea what I want to do with Liverpool’s defense. If I were smart I would move off them all. Currently it’s TAA as the most heavily owned, but rest assured there will be MANY managers coming off him and VVD, in favor of Robertson or looking at Ben Chillwell, Luca Digne and even Villa defenders. Might not be a bad idea to bank some ITB and build up that midfield or forward line.

For now, I am holding Robertson, 3 attacking returns and a CS for 25 points. Not great, but willing to accept that the Reds have been fucking terrible this season on defense. I know I was a staunch supporter of staying on these premiums for a great reward but if they continue to concede at this rate, I don’t feel the value will be there.

The Leeds v Wolves game was fucking terrible to watch. In terms of excitement, it was no more exciting that that 15-pound wet noodle that was West Brom vs Burnley. Wolves not only luck into the CS, thank you Nelson Semedo, but Raul Jimenez picked up the goal and 2 bonus points. This was a game dominated by Leeds in terms of possession, but Nuno’s Portuguese Premier League club got it done.

Another tough week, as I finish on 63 points with a weekly average at 60 points but pick up my second red arrow in a row, making it 3 reds on the season, as I drop 100k to 602k.

Now as odd as it sounds, my 5-man defensive team picked up its 4th green arrow since the season started. Talk about a moral booster to look at the current history and my squad continues these small increases each week. It’s the second consecutive week this team posted over 60 points, that’s 3 out of the first 5 weeks.

Ask me if this team is having success and I would tell you, yes, it is. Now the reality of the situation. This team has scored just 282 points, just 56.4 PPW, not great, but less than 4 points off the weekly average I strive for.

This team is also ranked at 1.5M, which isn’t impressive but has seen it’s team value rise to 101.3 since the start of the season. So, this experimental team is just 26 points off my main team who sits on 308 points for the season, carrying a 61.6 PPW average.

So which team is more successful? Guess it’s really in the eye of the beholder. Do you take the points, weekly average and the fact you have 3 red arrows? Or do you take the confidence boost of seeing 4 green arrows, but fewer points.

BEER REVIEW #2 (17:19)

Before we move on with the second half of the show, it’s time to tap the mini fridge and our second review of the week.

There was a point where I was toting around more beer in my car cooler, yes, I drive around with a cooler full of cold beer. What? Don’t you? Never know when you might be delayed and need to stop off and crack a cold one.

Since I’m going to be promoting the FPL Beer Club in a few minutes, why not crack open a beer that came to me via Bitter and Stout, @mike_jeski on Twitter last week.

Portland, Oregon is another craft beer hot spot, but as I’ve said in the past there are many of the spots around the US. Portland, ME, Denver, CO, Burlington, VT, San Francisco, and San Diego, CA to name a few others that I would include in a top 10 list.

I can’t recall if I’ve sent Mike anything from CA or not, but he was kind enough to offer me 20 cans from Great Notion out of Portland, OR. Known for the tart ales and stouts, I received Jammy Pants and Berry Pusher, both of the fruited sour variety. Never had either can, so it was a real joy to add two new cans in my Untappd account.

So today, it’s Jammy Pants, as I’ve been on a sour or tart ale kick recently. Not sure why because I will still favor a nice big and bitter DIPA from the tried and true breweries, like Russian River or Pizza Port. But these sours usually come in a bit lower on the ABV, unless of course you are fortunate enough to get a can of GN’s Triple Berry Shake, a whopping 10% ABV, that is juicy AF and pours as thick as blood. Well deserving of it’s 4.49 Untappd rating.

Jammy Pants, at least this version is a 7% tart ale that comes in at 7%, which is a bit higher than others, but really you can’t taste the alcohol in these juicy concoctions.

This tart ale is brewed with blueberries and passionfruit and “an ode to parents out there and their love of fruit beers.” So without further ado, it’s time to get our Jammy Pants on.

This tart ale pours a mild reddish  purple berry color with a small, loose and rocky, pinkish head that quickly fades leaving no lacing.

The smell…it’s berry sweetness, big berry across the nose with a just a slight sour or tartness to it.

Let’s see how it goes down…damn, I can’t remember time a beer I’ve had, has been another but tasty. This is really berry sweet and refreshing over the palate, dominated by blueberry with a slight tropical and fruity kick from the passion fruit that kicks up a slight tart bite to this sour.

This is a wonderful tasting and juicy tart ale. Scored it as a 4.25 on Untappd and a well deserved score that is up there with some other great sours I favor. So Bitter and Stout, thank you so much for delivering on these Great Notion sours. Cheers.

Now, let’s get into something that I’ve really take hold to with the FPL Beer Club, beer trading and shipping across the Pond.


It’s quite often I talk very fondly of the lads in the FPL Beer Club. Not sure any of us expected to see just how close knit this group has come. Some might say COVID has brought us closer as friends without an FPL game to rally around earlier in the year, we kept ourselves entertained, sharing beer, weekend quizzes and moments together that will remain as memories.

However, this year more than any in the past as seen a hell of a lot of beer flying over to the UK. Mr WP can be seen as Vandelay Industries, for those familiar with George Castanza on the sitcom, Seinfeld. He specialized in import/export and when it comes to beer seemingly get some of the best US beer from American to the UK.

Now take nothing away from UK craft: DEYA, Verdant, North, Vocation, Wander Beyond, Pressure Drop, Northern Monk, if I must. However, and I think the beer group would agree the US is a bit better when it comes to craft beer.

Now I’ve had some nice UK craft. Tambo Mountain from Pressure Drop was a very good pale ale, so was Steady Rolling Man from DEYA. A few excellent stouts in La Catrina and Mollusca from Wander Beyond.

But nothing compares to the hazy DIPA out of Monkish in Torrance, CA or the juice bombs from Tree House Brewing, Charlton, Mass. Russian River and Humble Sea are some of the hottest exports to the UK right now. I’ve shipped 100 cans or so over the last month alone!

Now good US craft doesn’t come cheap. Yet, I do see some of the NY brewers exporting to the UK, breweries like Other Half, Finnback, KCBC, Grimm Barrier and Equilibrium. Good beer all of them, but to send Alvarado Street, Humble Sea, Russian River and even some cans from my local brewery, Imperiale Beer Project to the UK. That is borderline epic!

How Mr WP is picking up cans from Monkish, Tree House and Electric Brewing, out of a small city north of San Diego, CA in Murrieta is beyond me. I can’t get even order any because the brewery is always sold out.

Now maybe expensive craft beer isn’t for everyone who enjoys good beer. But from time to time, I do feel there is reason to try what the US has to offer. California alone has over 900 craft brewers! That’s more than New York and Colorado combined! The numbers are absolutely staggering to comprehend. Just in the Bay Area alone, there were 8 Northern California brewers that took 11 medals from the 2020 GABF this year, including two silvers and a bronze from Alvarado St out of Salinas, CA. One of my favorites!

While I can’t ship beer to everyone abroad who asks, you might check out Mr SWP or Securing Western Pints on Instagram, as he is offering the “Delightful Dozen”, 12 fresh beers for a 3 week period, delivered by Parcel Force. It’s first come, first serve and open to the first 10 people who contact him. You will also get first access to rare bottles and glassware for a 3-week period.

Beers will be selected by Mr SWP, no duplicates, although I would love to have some dupes of his offerings. The offerings will be from Other Half, Tree House, Humble Sea and The Veil.

If you ever wanted to dabble in some excellent US craft, then I suggest you hit up Mr SWP on Instagram, you can also find him on Twitter @Mister_SWP.



Everything I thought I knew about FPL seems to have been lost this season and I can’t understand why. Much like goals being up and clean sheets being down, what the common denominator is? Discussed it momentarily on Twitter with Dan (FPL Chancer) who said,

“There’s a narrative that this season’s goal fest will regress. Not so sure; look at the quality of the goals already so far today. Attackers playing with so much freedom without fan pressure. Does Werner score that first goal in a full stadium after four blanks?”

My reply, I don’t buy the fact that there is “fan pressure.” These lads have been caudled and catered to for years to get where they are now in the Premier League. Touted by coaches and praised by fans. For as much as they get paid, these guys need to play with or without fans in the stands. Something about being a “professional” and that boat load of money their receive!

It seems that some players have remained in form since “Project Restart” to finish the last 9 weeks of the season in a flurry of activity. Could that “form” have ticked over to start the 2020/21? Quite possible, while I can’t prove it attackers seems to get up to playing speed quicker than a defensive unit of 3-5 players who need to come together in order to post a clean sheet.

However, I didn’t expect to see the debacle that is Liverpool at the back, posting just one clean sheet by conceding 13 goals! Something that didn’t happen until GW15 last season. Now the injury to VVD to go with Alisson being sidelined and that defense appears to be in a lot of trouble.

Conversely, who would have even thought that Aston Villa, who conceded 67 goals last season, only team worst, Norwich would be the top defense this season, giving up just 2 goals, while posting three cleans sheets! We have seen what Dean Henderson meant to Sheffield United last season in goal, As the Blades posted 13 CS on the season, third best in the league. This season, it could be Villa, riding the back of the new keeper, Emiliano Martinez as the Villains have really looked tight defensively, this weekend shutting down a strong, but injured Leicester City team.

But why are they thriving, while Liverpool and City have struggled at the back. Sure, we need to account for injuries, but these two perennial favorites have conceded 21 goals combined through 5 weeks.

Defensively, I think we throw away what we have seen in the past. As Casey, FPL Tornado said, “…every defender is in play which makes it really exciting!”

Take Tyrone Mings, owned by just 6% across FPL and only 45% in the top 1k. He’s scored 30 points and leads all defenders! His teammate, Konsa Ngoyo is even lowered owned 5.5% across the game and only 3.7% in the top 1k. At 4.6M, he’s scored 28 points! Is it time for FPL managers to wake up and take a team like Villa serious? How long did it take for us to buy in on Sheffield United last season?

As for goals it’s no surprise to see Salah, Son, Kane, Vardy and Ings scoring well, early in the season. Yet it’s been the introduction of Carlo Ancelotti, who’s improved DCL’s game tenfold from last season, as he along with Son lead the league with 7 goals.

When I was deeply invested in fantasy NFL football, I came across an article from a guy I worked for on a fantasy site called, “the fantasy football law of averages.” The Fantasy Football Law of Averages says,” you need to recognize the fact that every player will have ‘spikes’ in their fantasy production from week to week throughout the course of an entire season.”

“Barring injury, there will be a common average a player will usually hover around in terms of the amount of fantasy points he should score each week. If a player is failing to meet his average production, it stands to reason that if his projection was realistic in the first place, the player will have to have weeks where he exceeds his average to even the discrepancy out.

It also applies in reverse to players who are exceeding their average; they’ll have to have weeks where they fall short of their projected average. It’s hardly an extreme idea and if you recognize it, it can help you in making sure you’re smart in your fantasy football management skills.”

Now this isn’t some hidden key to the game, it’s a piece of information that is applicable to any fantasy game you favor. I can take that information and using data and key metrics, should be able to make some good transfers to add points to my weekly average. You don’t have to subscribe to the theory of VAPM or any metric to help you make decisions, but it could help to clearing lay out players who are performing above or below an expected average. In the case of VAPM that baseline figure is 0.35.

VAPM CHECK (31:20)

Early in the season there are MANY players who are currently over that 0.35 VAPM figure, but as the season continues it will be more valuable to see which players have remained consistent, but more importantly which players are falling. Early on one good performance can really improve a players VAPM, but those jumps aren’t as evident as the season ramps up.

Starting GW6, I will present a weekly segment on VAPM and players I see as important to a starting XI. Sometimes these players will be evident, for example KDB or Jamie Vardy. If you are interested in VAPM, you can see the list, as I have updated it at 6thgoal.com. The minimums of 180 minutes played and 4 points must be met to be included on the list.

The list is topped by Wolves 4.0M defender, Max Kilman on the back of just 180 minutes played and a CS. Is he our new 4.0M darling? Not sure I would bank on that quite yet.

Ben Chilwell is still ranked very high, on the heels of his second assist this season and 21 2points, while Konsa Ngoyo and Tyrone Mings also gain traction because of their price and league leading third CS of this young season.

With all the high priced talent at Chelsea, it’s the 5.2M Jorginho, who picked up his second assist, now on 32 points, the top midfielder based on VAPM.

Is it really any surprise to see Martinez is still top the goalkeeper list? The clean sheets, save points and bonus have vaulted him into Dean Henderson status of last season. No reason Villa couldn’t pick up 13 clean sheets like the Blades did last season.

Finally, there is Harry Kane, playing very well at 10.7M, the Spurs forward has been an assist machine, 7 on the season to go along with braces in the last two games giving him 5 goals.

If you are interested in key metrics or just want to read up on VAPM, then I suggest you check out the data that I collect and update. Just what you need more information to help muddy those weekly transfer for wild card decisions.

TOP 1K (34:01)

As Gabe, Casey and I talk about last week, some managers do not favor ownership numbers. For me, I continue to promote the top 1k, because these scores seem to really move the weekly average. When I see my weekly score over the weekly average, but under the top 1k, chances are high that will be a red arrow. Then again, there is a lot to say about where you are in the OR.

Son took a huge jump this week, which wasn’t surprising with 64.8% ownership, while Kane made gains to 79%. But it’s still Salah the most owned in the top 1k at a whopping 84.1%. More surprising I think it that DCL is only owned by 50% and just 0.3% more by all FPL. If there has been one constant this season, it’s been the scoring prowess of DLC for Everton.

More FPL managers are jumping on Jack Grealish and James Rodriguez as well, but saw increases, Grealish now 32.3% owners and James at 67.3% There are some numbers that are appearing template forming. It’s not uncommon to see a midfielder 4 that consist of Grealish, Rodriguez, Son and Salah. The top 1k now as a 6.5% ownership in those 4 players, while all of FPl is at just 3.1%. Yet 33.3% of the top 1k have all but Grealish on their teams.

It might just be a matter of time before Martinez catches Mat Ryan, owned by 23.1% of the top 1k, while Martinez is gaining ground slowly at 17.4%. Just over 37% of the top 1k have played their wild card, but would guess more are moving to Martinez, but if his price continues to climb, some could opt to stay on the 4.5M Ryan.


A strange week here in FPL Bizzaro World, not disappointed where both of my teams are. Sure there could have been different decisions to make to have led to where I am currently, but looking ahead I’ve got confidence in how both my teams are playing.

It’s time to look ahead to what the next 3 weeks will bring, but remember we need to keep an on the festive period, it will be here before we know it. Already planning on rolling an FT out of the break to set myself up for GW12, when it all gets real and the fixtures coming very quickly.

As I mentioned in that last segment, there are some template forming numbers, it might be wise to check those players out and see if you own them. It’s all about making those small weekly gains and climbing in the OR. Easier said than done, but there are a core group of players making that happen right now. DCL, Kane, Son, Salah, Grealish and Rodriguez. I do feel there needs to be some combination of this group in your starting XI.

<queue in Spanish Flea>

That’s it for Episode 64, thanks for listening.

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