2020/21 Premier League: GW6 Retrospect

I vowed I would not look at at ANY fantasy related items this week because I knew my score was going to be bad. However, thanks to Paddy (@TheFantasyKing2), I was lucky enough to have the biggest fall and fewest points in his mini league. Thankfully it wasn’t Monday and this news was much better received on Tuesday morning. To be completely honest, after that poor officiating in the Liverpool game, rewarding Sheffield United a penalty  kick, I watched no more Premier League the rest of the weekend. That combined with a 15-hour volunteer project on Sunday and it pushed FPL to the back of my mind.

I think this retrospect article can be summed in few words. Nothing worked. Nobody scored. In all fairness, Phil Foden picked up a goal and Harry Kane, an assist. Beyond that, I am not sure why I continue to play this game. The worse part of this this game week, I took a -8 point hit due to the Virgil van Dijk injury, the Richarlison red card and the ineffectiveness of Raul Jimenez, who scored in GW6. The worst part of the weekend was the defensive failure we have been experiencing all season. City and Liverpool not playing up to their potential (injuries aside), while teams like Aston Villa, overachieving. Sorry Villa fans, I backed your defense this last week but I am not a big believer after that shit performance against a newly promoted Leeds United. They looked like the Villa defense that conceded 67 last season.

An overall score of 30 points that before the minus eight leaves me with just 22 points for the week, my worst score in 8 years playing FPL. Undoubted the biggest drop I’ve ever seen too, 1.06M, now closer to my friends at two million than the top million, sitting at 1.67M for the season. Not quite how I expected things to be after six game weeks. However, we look forward to GW7 or do we? Can we have back to back 20 point weeks? I sure hope not, but looking at fixtures there are some favorable games for players I own, but will look at that later in the week.

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