Think Different: 5-Man Defense GW6 Retrospect

One of the positive aspects of FPL is being able to have multiple teams. Can you tell I never plan on actually winning the game? Okay, so it’s “my son’s team” that I manage, just to make sure I am playing fair and by the rules. While my 6thGoal failed miserably, I did take consolation in having a second team. Unfortunately, when it rains, its a fucking typhoon! While I pride this team on the 5-man defense, it was the first week that saw Sergio Reguilon not putting my team into a 4-4-2. I knew at some point this would happen, but didn’t think it would come from Reguilon, especially after his performance the week before against West Ham.

While there were no hits ahead of GW6, I made the last minute decision to play my Triple Captain Chip on Mo Salah. Why not? The moved seemed logical in all aspects. Salah had scored three goals in his last two games, Liverpool was at Anfield and Sheffield United, a team that had scored just two goals, conceding  seven on the season.  It took just 13 minutes to tune out of any further Premier League action when Mike Dean rewarded the Blades with a PK on a poor call. That one calls sums up my weekend perfectly. Wrong, even after a VAR ruling.

For just the second week, #AlwaysCaptainSalah failed me, just 6 points on the chip activation. It doesn’t get any worse. Thankfully, I decided to keep Raul Jimenez, picking up a goal and all three bonus points, it’s two goals in two games and the Mexican might retain his starting spot for another week, but his time might be up in three week (CRY/lei/SOU). There were no other bright spot on the weekend.

It was 32 points on the week and my first red arrow of the season, dropping my squad 243k to 2.4 million in the OR. Small gains over the first 5 weeks to be completely unraveled in a single game week. It was a very forgettable performance, as I look to sort out where the problem lies. I can only see this week as a bad luck and will suck it up and look forward to GW7. Just as luck can go bad, we can always end up on the positive side and that is what I plan on doing.

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