2020/21 FPL GW7 Starting XI

This week has been a blur, for the most part I’ve not followed a damn thing as it relates to FPL. That’s not always a bad thing, especially coming off my worst ever score of 22 points on the back of a -8 point hit because of injuries, suspensions and ineffectiveness. Lesson learned, but continuing to participate in this game, I have no doubt it could potentially happen again. This week, I missed the transfer article, so I’ll include my team changes and thought behind my starting XI, as GW7 kicks off today as Crystal Palace visits Molineux.


While shades of last week still linger, I’ve moved past last week’s poor performance by avoiding FPL all week long. Looking over my current squad, Tyrick Mitchell and James Rodriguez are both flagged. I’ve got no intention to play Mitchell this week at Wolves, but Carlo Ancelotti claims Rodriguez will miss the game this week. Sure Carlo, just like last week. Can’t believe any manager when it comes to their weekly presser it seems.

As it appears now, I am considering rolling the free transfer, even with Rodriguez flagged. On the off chance he doesn’t play, then Charlie Taylor will be the first bench player. Phil Foden was that player I had planned moving this week and returning Jack Grealish back to my starting XI but no longer have the budget to do so. However, Foden has two returns in two games, while that doesn’t equal what Grealish did against Liverpool, I am strongly considering staying on the City midfielder through Sheffield United. City should dismantle them. At 6.7, I am not a big supporter of the names I see dotting the top of the total points list. West Ham, Aston Villa and Leeds Untied don’t spawn any excitement.

Rolling an FT is the current plan, in order to come out of the international break with two transfers, if needed. The current play of Wilfried Zaha and his 0.82 VAPM has me interested especially with the fixtures Palace have through early December. Moving Rodriguez means I might need to move another player in order to fund reacquiring the Columbian after the international break.


While writing this article, I’ve been discussing player movement, statistics and strategy into and out of the break with a few trusted voices. The Rodriguez news isn’t what any FPL managers wanted to hear. This week, I will listen to Carlo and come off Rodriguez into the break. Zaha will get the nod as my fourth midfielder and there’s a strong possibility I will hold the Palace midfielder through early December. Zaha joins Jorginho, still playing as my fifth midfielder, until he is benched, I feel confident he’s a strong candidate for points in every game, especially being on penalty kicks.

It does come a bit concerning to start Kevin De Bruyne and Foden  together, but is this really any difference than starting KDB and one of the Silva’s last season? I don’t think so. Foden picked up 45 minutes last week  and a goal, like Zaha is rising (0.45) in his VAPM. This is a quiet giant this week at Bramall Lane. It’s more important for KDB to establish himself back in the league. After 13 points to open the season, it’s been two blanks, a missed game and 22 minutes last week to gain fitness. Much like Mo Salah last week, I love City to bang goals this week. Speaking of Salah, I continue to ride the Egyptian as my captain, home to West Ham this weekend. Surprised to see Salah in many captain polls as the favorite. We could get a real look at how the Hammers defense

Up top my confidence is shaken with Dominic Calvert-Lewin, due to the suspensions of Richarlison, Luca Digne and the injury to James Rodriguez. However, if DCL can get some service inside the 6-yard box I feel confident he will score. Harry Kane will be my vice captain playing at home, hopefully can be productive this week, more so than last week. Kane has a five game scoring streak and feel that will continue against Brighton.

No expectations this week as my team completely imploded last week. Hopefully I can recover some of those lost points from last week. One of this century game weeks would be great but again I will keep this week to no expectations, as I don’t think I can do much worse that last week’s 22 points. Good luck!

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