2020/21 FPL GW8 Starting XI

Considering I was in the process of reviewing my team, coming off just 49 points and my sixth red arrow of the season it seems fitting I didn’t do a damn thing to my team ahead of GW8.  While it was my intention to go into the break with a FT, it appears I will have that chance now, as the game is locked and my team is unchanged from last week.  In all honesty, there wasn’t going to be any changes. I had thoughts of jumping back in on James Rodriguez, but talking to our resident Everton supporter and co-host of the FPL Roundtable, Casey, I decided to hold off bringing him in and holding Wilf Zaha for another week.

As I wrote this week, I am very discouraged when looking at this team, which has some of the “popular” players but the overall points took a serious hit the last two weeks with scores of 22 and 49, both well below the weekly average. With an unchanged team I will got to make some much needed changes out of the international break, as fixtures shift for some players.

This week it’s four players from the City vs Liverpool game. Not that I expect clean sheets on either side, but City has been playing better defensively, but with the arm band on Mo Salah, I can only hope he picks up some attacking points. Unsure of Phil Foden’s inclusion in the starting XI this week, but rest assured it will be Kevin De Bruyne leading the way for City.

The biggest concern surrounds Jorginho, bought in as a budget fifth midfielder, but it seems he is now out of favor as the penalty taker, so his time might be up in my squad. I’ve also stayed on Wilf Zaha, as Palace have a strong run out of the break and into mid-January. Not sure he will survive that long, because I would like to get James Rodriguez back into that midfield.

Harry Kane and Dominic Calvert-Lewin are unchanged up top, but rest assured Kane will provide the necessary budget I need to shift my team as IU am  not fond of Spurs after GW8. Not to say Kane and Spurs won’t score, but I do think there are better options.

Hopefully this team can get back on track after some very poor showings in recent weeks, but I knew how bad they were and didn’t want to face reality. However, this team, as I mentioned at the top of the article isn’t doing any better than my 5-man defensive team that has six green arrows, against just one red arrow. Guess it’s all in perspective. In reality BOTH teams needs to make changes to improve.

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