What is this? An FPL beer club on a fantasy football site? Pull up a stool and grab a pint and see what this beer club is all about.

January 2018, #FPLBeerClub took to Twitter, as @ChefDaleH tweeted an image of assorted beers that were on shortlisted to be drank. There was a rousing response from many fantasy managers around the world. #FPLBeerClub was born. Prior to that Phil Goldring aka FPL_Loon, tweeted the first use of the #FPLBeerClub hashtag.

The #FPLBeerClub is not exclusive, open to anyone and all. Those involved in the weekly threads all share one thing in common, aside from football. Beer. From generic to batch to home and craft, if you can tap it or pour it from a can, bottle or growler, we will indulge in it.

Beer hauls are a cornerstone to the #FPLBeerClub. Members show off their recent (daily or weekly) purchases, what they favor to drink over the weekend or just how well stocked their refrigerator is (#fridgeporn). For us it’s all about what you are drinking now. To support the #FPLBeerClub, the Untappd app has become a cornerstone for some, sharing images and reviews of what they are drinking.

I’ve taken the inclusion in the #FPLBeerClub a step further and started doing quick reviews of each new beer I drink. While not new to the craft scene, I joined Untappd in January 2018. If I don’t have a beer on the mobile app, I will put together a #30SecondBeerReview of what I am drinking. This video (like @DaleDoesFood recipes) are a 30-ish second, no bullshit review of what I am drinking, sometimes followed by a rating of “Scooby Snacks” (based on a 1-5). This system is based off the fact I drink many beers from a Scooby Doo pint glass.

You can find the #FPLBeerClub on Twitter at @FPLBeerClub or just hashtag your tweet to get involved in the drinking and conversation.