After the formation of the #FPLBeerClub, the 30 second beer review came about as the head subsided, leaving a nice ring of lacing around the pint glass. There was never any intention to continue this series, but it was warmly received on Twitter and Instagram under, #30SecondBeerReview. Each review last approximate 30-ish seconds or more, describing the pour, smell and taste before a sip or two, providing a rating (out of 5). Once known as the “Scooby Scale” because of the Scooby Doo pint glass used. Beers in bold are in the mini fridge, soon to be consumed or have already been reviewed. Each link opens to the review on Twitter. If you have a beer you want reviewed, leave a comment on Instagram or Twitter. Cheers!

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3 Floyds Brewing | Zombie Dust


Abnormal Beer Company | Boss Pour

Abnormal Beer Company | Turbidity

Alameda Island Brewing Company | Idahop 7

Almanac Beer Company | Love Hazy IPA

Altamont Beer Works & Boneyard Beer | Lupulin Advisory

Alvarado Street Brewery | 3

Alvarado Street Brewery & Interboro Spirits & Ales | All In Together Now (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Biggie’s Bodacious Blueberry Brunch Bonanza

Alvarado Street Brewery | Best Part of Waking Up

Alvarado Street | Boogie Board Olympics

Alvarado Street Brewery | Coconut Boogie (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Contains No Juice

Alvarado Street Brewery | Countach

Alvarado Street Brewery | Daiquiri Island – Banana

Alvarado Street Brewery | Escape From Here

Alvarado Street Brewery | Fins & Faultlines

Alvarado Street Brewery | Half Time Treat

Alvarado Street Brewery | Haole Punch (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Haole Punch w/ vanilla bean (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Hoprés Ski

Alvarado Street Brewing & RAR Brewing | Juice Cruz (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewing | Mallow Mania (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Nectarine Cream

Alvarado Street Brewery | One Giant Leap

Alvarado Street Brewery | Palapa of your Dreams

Alvarado Street Brewery | Piña Party

Alvarado Street Brewery | Riot Punch

Alvarado Street Brewery | Slice Joint (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Single Cone

Alvarado Street Brewery | Strawberry Banana Daiquiri (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery & Other Half Brewing | Slice Joint

Alvarado Street Brewery & Coast Chapter of the Bay Area Brewers Guild | Surf ‘n Burps (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Tayberry

Alvarado Street Brewery | Triple Haole Punch

Alvarado Street Brewery | UnCRUSHtables (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Velvet Leisure Suit (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery | Vengeful Barbarian (COMING SOON)

Alvarado Street Brewery & Amplified Ale Works | Wyld Stallyns (COMING SOON)

American Solera | I Wanna Talk Mosaic

Aslin Beer Company | Interlopers

Austin Street Brewing | Offset


Barley Forge Brewing Company | Future Tripping

Barley Forge Brewing Company | The Patsy

Battery Steele Brewing | Flume

Battery Steele Brewing | Flume^2

Battery Steele Brewing | Onsight

Belching Beaver Brewery | Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Belching Beaver Brewery | Phantom Bride

Bell’s Brewery | HopSlam (2018)

Bell’s Brewery | Oberon (2018)

Bell’s Brewery | Oracle

Bell’s Brewery | Two-Hearted Ale

Benchtop Brewing Company | Robot Squirrel

Bike Dog Brewing Company & Stone Brewing – Napa | Vital Few IPA

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | A Study In Courage

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | Here’s To Feeling Good All The Time

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | Nothing Gold

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | Pine Tree Argonomics

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | Preserve & Protect

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | Reciprocal

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | Swish

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | The Substance

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company | The Nuclear Whim with The Fuse of A Mile

Blaker Brewing | Vanilla Bean Milk Stout

Bottle Logic Brewing | Fundamental Observation (2019) (COMING SOON)

Boulevard Brewing Company | Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Brewski | Triple Berry Pie (COMING SOON)

Brouwerij West | Four Times Four Times

Brouwerij West | Alligator

Brouwerij West | Tahiti Substation

Brouwerij West & Great Notion Brewing | Time Bandits


Casa Agria Specialty Ales | Western Glow (COMING SOON)

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Alien Life Form

Cellarmaker Brewing Company & Toppling Goliath Brewing | Anthropogenic Extinction

Cellarmaker Brewing Company & Monkish Brewing Company | Extra Special Bonus (ESB)

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | From Yakima With Love

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Get Off My Lawn!

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Moonage Daydream

Cellarmaker Brewing Company & Great Notion Brewing | Neapolitan Pillow Fight (COMING SOON)

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Orange Julian (COMING SOON)

Cellarmaker Brewing Company & Toppling Golaith | Tears in Rain

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Tiny Dankster

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Turok Juice

Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Wicked Juicy IPA (COMING SOON)


Central Coast Brewing | P-Nut Butter Breakdown

Charles Wells Brewery (Marston’s) | Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Cloudwater Brew Co. & The Veiling Brewing | Chubbles

Coronado Brewing Company | 21st Anniversary Imperial IPA

Coronado Brewing Company | Mermaid’s Red Ale

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project | Petite Sour Peach


De Moersleutel Beer Engineers | Willy Tonka

Definitive Brewing Company &  RAR Brewing | Everything But the 90’s

Definitive Brewing Company | Industrial Crossbreeze

Definitive Brewing Company | Vanilla Dome

Device Brewing Company | Curious Haze

Device Brewing Company | Pineapple Cannon

DEYA Brewing Company | Dust My Broom

DEYA Brewing Company | Steady Rolling Man

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery | 60 Minute IPA (updated)

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery | 60 Minute IPA

Dogfish Craft Brewery | Dragons and YumYums

Drake’s Brewing Company | Denogginizer


El Segundo Brewing Company | Steve Austin’s Broken Skull

Einstök Ölgerð | Icelandic White Ale

Equilibrium Brewery | dhop1

Equilibrium Brewing | Energy Equals (COMING SOON)

Evil Twin Brewing & Prairie Artisan Ales | Bible Belt (2018)


Farm Hillstead Brewery | Double Citra

Farm Hillstead Brewery | Double Nelson

Farm Hillstead Brewery | Society & Solitude #4

Finback Brewery | DDH Chromoscope

Finback Brewing & Civil Society Brewing | Weekend Getaway

Finback Brewing & Equilibrium Brewery | Splash (COMING SOON)

Finback Brewing & Sand City Brewing | Hand It Over

Fieldwork Brewing Company | Destroyer of Galaxies

Fieldwork Brewing Company | New Sensation

Fieldwork Brewing Company | Raspberry Parfait

Fieldwork Brewing Company | Sound Parade (COMING SOON)

Foam Brewers | Youth Lagoon

Founder’s Brewing Company | Breakfast Stout

Foundation Brewing Company | Citrabot

Foundation Brewing Company | Epiphany

Founder’s Brewing Company | Porter

Four Peaks Brewing Company | Kilt Lifter

Foundation Brewing Company | Epiphany

Foundation Brewing Company | Spiffy

Foundation Brewing Company & Old Nation Brewing | This One Sparks Joy 

Full Circle Brewing Company | Illa Vanilla Milkshake IPA


Goodfire Brewing Company | Hypercube (COMING SOON)

Goodfire Brewing Company | Prime

Goodfire Brewing Company | Super Prime

Great Notion | Midnight Howler (COMING SOON)

Great Notion Brewing & Barrel House | Orange Creamsicle

Green Cheek Beer Company | Radiant Beauty (COMING SOON)


Half Acre Beer Company | Gone Away

Half Acre Beer Company | Navaja

HenHouse Brewing | Blanc Helicopters

HenHouse Brewing | Deep State

HenHouse Brewing | Denver Airport

HenHouse Brewing | Free Agent

HenHouse Brewing | Frozen Envelope

HenHouse Brewing | Hollow Moon

HenHouse Brewing | Oyster Stout (COMING SOON)

Heretic Brewing Company | Make American Juicy Again

Hoof Hearted Brewing | Who’d Like to Hold My Clipboard

Hoof Hearted Brewing | Konkey Dong

Hoof Hearted Brewing | Quit Yer Fussin’ On Me

Hoof Hearted Brewing | Rollerblabe

Skittley Bittley Bop | Hoof Hearted Brewing

Hoof Hearted Brewing | South of Eleven

Hoof Hearted Brewing | Zipper Ripper

Humble Sea Brewing Company | Humble Sea 3

Humble Sea Brewing Company | Boogie Board Olympics

Humble Sea Brewing Company | Fogwarts

Humble Sea Brewing Company | Jimi Sendrix

Humble Sea Brewing Company | This is Foggin Unreal

Humble Sea Brewing Company | Triple Socks & Sandals

Humble Sea Brewing Company & Alvarado Street Brewery | Partying’s Tough


Idiom Brewing Company | Shake On It – Lemon Meringue (COMING SOON)

Idiom Brewing Company | Shake On It – Peach Cobbler (COMING SOON)

Imperiale Beer Project | Cashmello (COMING SOON)


Jackrabbit Brewing Company | Maple Pecan Oatmeal Stout


Kern River Brewing Company | Citra

Knee Deep Brewing Company | Man Juice

Knee Deep Brewing Company | RU-Deep-2

Knee Deep Brewing | Slooow Mo

Knee Deep Brewing | Tahoe Deep


Lawson’s Finest Liquids | Double Sunshine

Lawson’s Finest Liquids | Hopzilla

Lawson’s Finest Liquids | Sip of Sunshine

Lawson’s Finest Liquids | Triple Sunshine (COMING SOON)

LERVIG & Way Beer | 3 Bean Stout

Lickinghole Creek Brewing Company | Nuclear Nugget

Lone Pine Brewing Company | Oh-J


Mad Science Brewing Company | Black Death (COMING SOON)

Magic Rock Brewing Company | Cannonball

Maine Beer Company | Another One

Maine Beer Company | Lunch (COMING SOON)

Maine Beer Company | Peeper

Mason Ale Works | Jambi (COMING SOON)

Mast Landing Brewing Company | Jonah

Maui Brewing Company | Coconut Hiwa

Mike Hess Brewing – Miramar | Grapefruit Solis

Mike Hess Brewing – Miramar | Hessfest 7

Mike Hess Brewing – Miramar | Solis Dyanmic IPA (COMING SOON)

Mike Hess Brewing – Miramar | Solis Occasus IPA

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego | Beer Geek Breakfast

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego | Beer Geek Dessert

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego | California Dream

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego | Mr. Smith

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego | Staff Magician

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego | Windy Hill

Modern Times Beer | DDH Dinosaur World

Modern Times Beer | Fraxos

Modern Times Beer | Fruitlands

Modern Times Beer | Membata

Modern Times Beer | Monsters’ Park

Modern Times Beer | Mountain Voice

Modern Times Beer | Orderville

Moonraker Brewing Company | Amarillo Peach Milkshake IPA

Moonraker Brewing Company | Simcoe Double Strata (COMING SOON)

Monkish Brewing Company | Be So Fluffy

Monkish Brewing Company | California Reality

Monkish Brewing Company | Images of Rapture

Monkish Brewing Company | Pluckin Petals

Monkish Brewing Company | Tinker Beats

Morgan Territory Brewing | Motorboatin’

Mother Earth Brew Company | Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Cream Ale

Mother Earth Brew Company | Cali Creamin’ Creamsicle Vanilla (COMING SOON)


New Glory Craft Brewery | Do You Even Mosaic, Broh?

New Glory Craft Brewing | Do You Even Simcoe, Broh

New Glory Craft Brewery | Just Here For The Comments

New Glory Craft Brewery | Mindshaker

New Glory Craft Brewery & Sudwerk Brewing Company | New Trick

New Glory Craft Brewery & Mraz Brewing Company | Sip, Sip, Pass

New World Ales | Dr. Hazelove

North Brewing Company | Touch Sensitive

North Brewing Company | Leeds Beer Week 2019

Northern Monk Brew Company | Faith Modern Pale Ale

Northern Monk Brew Company & Little Leeds Beer House | Neopolitan (COMING SOON)

NOVO Brazil Brewing | The Mango Beer

NOVO Brazil Brewing | Samba Haze


Orono Brewing Company | Margin 61

Orono Brewing Company | Tubular

Other Half Brewing | Broccoli

Other Half Brewing | Double Dry Hopped Cream of Broccoli

Other Half Brewing | Space Hallucinations

Other Half Brewing | Stacks On Stacks

Overtone Brewing | Rwandan Coffee IPA


Prairie Artisan Ales | Bomb

Prairie Artisan Ales | Hulk Hands (COMING SOON)

Prairie Artisan Ales | Rainbow Sherbet

Pizza Port Solano Beach | Surf Stop Pale Ale

Pizza Port Brewing Company & 3 Floyds Brewing Co. | Shredd Session

Pressure Drop Brewing | Tamborine Mountain

Pure Project Brewing & Alvarado Street Brewing | Cannery Row 2.0

Pure Project Brewing | Force of Nature


None yet


Revision Brewing Company | Battle of the Lords

Revision Brewing Company | The Bruff

Revision Brewing Company | Elevation Calculation

Revision Brewing Company | Finite Madness

Revision Brewing Company | Lord Lupulin

Revision Brewing Company | Reno As Fuck

Revision Brewing Company | Trying To Get My Aroma, Broh

Revision Brewing Company | Whole Lotta Ruckus

Revision Brewing Company & Device Brewing Company | Revice

Russian River Brewing Company | Blind Pig (updated)

Russian River Brewing Company | Blind Pig

Russian River Brewing Company | Defenestration 2016 (COMING SOON)

Russian River Brewing Company | Happy Hops

Russian River Brewing Company | Pliny the Elder

Rye River Brewing Company | Mother Pucker


Samuel Smith’s Brewery | Organic Chocolate Stout

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales | Spots and Dots

Scofflaw Brewing Company | POG Basement

Seven Stills Brewing and Distillery & Magnify Brewing | Pauly Dank

Sierra Nevada Brewing | Hop Bullet

Short Throw Brewing Company | Lips & Lungs (COMING SOON)

Sixpoint Brewery | Alpenflo

Sixpoint Brewery | Bengali

Sixpoint Brewery | Binary

Sixpoint Brewery | Resin

Scofflaw Brewing Company | POG Basement

Smog City Brewing | Strange Times III

Stone Brewing | Enjoy By 04-20-18

Stone Brewing | Go To IPA

Stone Brewing | Stone IPA

Stone Brewing | Loral & Dr. Rudi’s Inevitable Adventure

Stone Brewing | Scorpion Bowl IPA

Stone Brewing | Exalted IPA

Stone Brewing | Tangerine Express

Sudwerk Brewing Company | Funhouse Raspberry


Temescal Brewing | Timeless Wavelength

Tempest Brewing Company | Mexicake

The Alchemist Brewery | Focal Banger

The Alchemist Brewery | Heady Topper

The Brewer’s Cabinet | Dirty Wookie

The Brewing Lair | Acclimation

The Bruery | Bakery: Coconut Macaroons

Tired Hands Brewing Company & Cellarmaker Brewing Company | Tacos Hands

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company | MoZee

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company | Pseudo Sue

To Øl Brewery | 1 Ton of… Pomegranate

Tree House Brewing Company | Abstraction – Coffee & Vanilla

Tree House Brewing Company | Alter Ego

Tree House Brewing Company | All That Is And All That Ever Will Be

Tree House Brewing Company | BBBrighttt w/ Galaxy

Tree House Brewing Company – Bright

Tree House Brewing Company | Bright with Citra

Tree House Brewing Company | Bright with Simcoe & Amarillo

Tree House Brewing Company | Curiosity Fifty Three

Tree House Brewing Company | Simple Life

Tree House Brewing Company | Curiosity Sixty Five

Tree House Brewing Company | Curiosity Sixty Six

Tree House Brewing Company | Curiosity Sixty Seven

Tree House Brewing Company | Doppelganger

Tree House Brewing Company | Double Shot – Vanilla Bean

Tree House Brewing Company – Green

Tree House Brewing Company | Haze

Tree House Brewing Company | Human Condition

Tree House Brewing Company | Hurricane *updated*

Tree House Brewing Company | Hurricane

Tree House Brewing Company | Impermanence

Tree House Brewing Company | In Perpetuity

Tree House Brewing Company | JJJuliuss!

Tree House Brewing Company | Juice Machine

Tree House Brewing Company | Julius

Tree House Brewing Company | King Julius

Tree House Brewing Company | Miles To Go Before I Sleep (COMING SOON)

Tree House Brewing Company | Raven (COMING SOON)

Tree House Brewing Company | Present Moment (COMING SOON)

Tree House Brewing Company | Sap

Tree House Brewing Company | Simple Life

Tree House Brewing Company | Spring (COMING SOON)

Tree House Brewing Company | Super Sap (COMING SOON)

Tree House Brewing Company | Super Treat

Tree House Brewing Company | That’s What She Said

Tree House Brewing Company | Treat

Tree House Brewing Company | Trick

Tree House Brewing Company | Super Typhoon

Tree House Brewing Company | Very Green

Trillium Brewing Company | Big Bird

Trillium Brewing Company | Butler Flats Lighthouse

Trillium Brewing Company | Cutting Tiles (Mosaic)

Trillium Brewing Company | Double Dry Hopped Congress Street (COMING SOON)

Trillium Brewing Company | George’s Island

Trillium Brewing Company | Insert Hip Hop Reference Everywhere

Trillium Brewing Company | Melcher Street

Trillium Brewing Company | True New Englander

Trillium Brewing Company | Upper Case

Trillium Brewing Company | Vicinity


None yet


Veil Brewing Company | Headless

Veil Brewing Company | Yellow Bugatti

Verdant Brewing Company | Allen

Verdant Brewing Company & DEYA Brewing Company | What’s Done is Done

Vocation Brewery & Magic Rock Brewing Company | Hang Loose (COMING SOON)


Wander Beyond Brewing | Mollusca

Wander Beyond Brewing | La Catrina


None Yet