2017-2018 FPL – Season in Review

This year saw my approaching my 5th season participating in fantasy football. A fantasy game I have really taken to, more so than it’s US counterpart ever did, participating for some 38 years! I would like to think I learned a few new things this season, practiced a bit more patience and applied good decision making, based on the facts and information at hand. However, my overall score and rank aren’t representative of where I feel I should be. Then again, I think ALL fantasy manager can related to that, right?
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Premier League: DGW36 Starting XI

I don’t know what I am going to do. That is the best I have on Thursday afternoon on the West Coast, as we stare down the barrel of the final double gameweek of the FPL season. Thankfully I have two transfers in hand, but a plethora of ideas on how to round out my starting XI. Not really high on the “double doublers” this weekend, concerning some single game replacements with great expectations.
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Premier League: GW36 Transfers

We are on the down slope of the week, looking at Friday looming, ahead of Gameweek 36, as I haven’t really considered any more ahead of the Saturday morning kickoffs. That’s not to say I don’t have transfers in mind, as I am considering the previously planned I had ahead of BGW35. After listening to a few podcasts, my decisions to reduce additional hits might not be worth the potential (or lack of) gain in points.
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It was anxious moments when Spurs forward, Harry Kane limped off with an ankle injury after 33 minutes in a 4-1 victory away to Bournemouth. Speculation began as to the severity of the injury and the duration he’d be sidelined, rehabilitating the ankle in order to return to fitness. In just 2 weeks Kane put in a 16 minute cameo appearance in a 3-1 loss to Chelsea last week. Where does that leave fantasy owners for the run in?
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Premier League: GW26 Starting XI

After a piss poor Gameweek 25, I don’t believe the situation can get any worse. Rage, in conjunction with risk seem to dominate my thoughts recently. Frustration had set in prior to GW23, which saw a premature activation of the second wild card. In hindsight it wasn’t the correct decision, especially with 2 FT in the bank, didn’t know I would lose both once on the wild card. Last week, I followed my thoughts and introduced Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.
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Premier League: GW25 Retrospect

What a poor week! Not sure there is any other way to describe the games that past few days. As expected, Andreas Christensen didn’t make it past 57 minutes this week, in fact he lasted just 27 minutes before succumbing to injury. It really didn’t matter, as Chelsea lost, big, 3-0 to Bournemouth. The debut of Alexis Sanchez in the EPL was rather unimpressive, while Henrikh Mkhitaryan had a 30 minute cameo.
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Premier League: GW23 Starting XI

It’s wild card weekend for me, as I hit the activation button midweek to bring about my second and last wild card on the season. Too soon? Possibly, but even with 2 FT headed into GW23, I felt change was necessary. My squad didn’t perform as well as I had expected, however GW22 was strong, even if I missed the deadline for the start of the fixtures. No, I wasn’t hungover either.
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Potential Help

Yesterday, I briefly discussed rolling the Gameweek 21 FT over, allowing me 2 FT ahead of the Spurs double gameweek in order to reacquaint myself with Harry Kane. In a calculated move after Gameweek 13, I offloaded Kane in order to bolster a 5-man midfield. We all know how that has gone, based on the last 2 weeks, which has seen Kane net 6 goals ahead of Spurs BGW. While the short term is currently in order, it’s not too early to look ahead at the new year and what transfers could help fantasy teams.
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GW16 Transfers

Having a plan in place for the holiday period, I was confident in the direction my squad was taking. On the heels of starting the season using a 5-2-3 formation, my team flourished, while my captaincy selections were an Achilles heel that held me back from gaining improvement in the overall rank. A failed activation of the Free Hit Chip in Gameweek 9, 36 points (vs 58 if I didn’t play it) is the only blemish on an otherwise productive period since Gameweek 7 (8 out of 9 green arrows).
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