Premier League: GW20 Transfers

Nearly though the festive period, as we are look ahead to ringing in the new year, for me I will just be waking up to go to work early, so any transfer I have planned will need to be sorted out today. Recently, it hasn’t been failed transfers, gaining 30 points in the last  four game weeks. Season lows of 45 and 40 points kicked off a negative trend in game week 16. On 68 points for game week 19, I was unlucky not to have a small green arrow, but the top 100k was in excess of 70 points. Talk about frustration. As I noted in my retrospect, 50 points isn’t good enough as I end the year on a red arrow. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Transfers”

Premier League: GW20 Retrospect

The festive period has been nothing short of frustrating as we are on the eve of 2019, which can hopefully bring some new year’s luck. This season was moving along great as game week 15 ended on a green arrow, up to 81k in the overall rank. Since that time, it’s been a slow, painful slide, dropping to 162k, losing £0.7 in team value and not seeing consistency, as my patience is being tried. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Retrospect”

Watford Rewind: GW20 vs Newcastle

It was another game against a very below average team, one in which the Hornets dominated again, but came away fortunate to draw level on a late goal by Abdoulaye Doucoure off the bench. The numbers only tell part of the story, as boss, Javi Gracia made six changes to the team after their 2-1 loss, midweek to Chelsea. This after comments from “tired” players after the midweek fixture, “But I have to make decisions about that and knowing we are going to play three games more in the next days, to manage the players maybe in the next games I have to change something to compete at our best level,” said Gracia Continue reading “Watford Rewind: GW20 vs Newcastle”

Premier League: GW20 Starting XI

…and in a blink of an eye, here comes game week 20. Coming off a solid 68 point week, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to garner a green arrow as I slide about 15k. This week with not much time between games, I made a rather quick decision to bring in Paul Pogba for Leroy Sane. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire, as City still have good fixtures, this week against So’ton. United faces a defensively leaky, Bournemouth. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Starting XI”

GW20 Preview: Watford vs Newcastle

Back in November, the Hornets traveled north to St. James and came away empty handed as the Magpies knocked in a set piece late in the game to give them a 1-0 victory. It was the start of a downward trend, something Watford supporters had seen in years past. Watford outplayed Newcastle but came away frustrated. Now as we work our way to the end of 2018, Newcastle is struggling to generate goals, while Watford comes of a tough 2-1 loss, on the back of two wins. Continue reading “GW20 Preview: Watford vs Newcastle”

2018/19 Mid-Season Retrospect

“Oh what a difference a year can make.” As I sit here and reminiscence, attempting to draw parallels between the success I’ve had this season to the unfortunate fate I suffered last year at this point.  Many aspects of the FPL game are unchanged; put together a 15-man roster and start XI players each week in an attempt to score the most points you can. Easy, right? Last year out of the game week 19, I’d scored 77 points, second highest point total I’d had on the season. That came on the back of a -12 point hit, that got me a red arrow as I plummeted past 526k on the season with an overall score of 1020. Continue reading “2018/19 Mid-Season Retrospect”

Premier League: GW20 Transfers

While we wait the outcome of the Southampton vs West Ham game, it’s already time to look forward to game week 20 that starts this Saturday. I’ve got Felipe Anderson yet to play and sit on 53 points, one over the current average with a red arrow. Tough break, if it holds, it’s three reds in the last four weeks, so I can only hope Anderson bangs. Even with 7-10 points, I don’t think it would be enough to turn that red arrow, green. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Transfers”

FPL Support: Thank You!

Last December I wrote a Fantasy Football Thanks article identifying  podcasts, Twitter accounts and websites that made the FPL season enjoyable. The 2017/18 Premier League season was the first in which I used Twitter (@6thGoal), in conjunction with a handful of FPL websites to assist in planning and decision making. Like millions of other fantasy managers I finished in complete obscurity, never cracking the top 100k, but never giving up, always remaining positive, even in a Watford-esque, downward spiral. Continue reading “FPL Support: Thank You!”

Premier League: GW19 Transfers

This is probably the most important article I post this week. What to do with two free transfers and a shit load of budget tied up in forwards and defenders, while the midfield appears a wee bit thin. I’ve been going over various scenarios since setting my GW18 starting XI. Unfortunately, I didn’t look much past selling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Harry Kane. Now off the back of 28 points, is now the time to sell or hold? Continue reading “Premier League: GW19 Transfers”

Premier League: GW18 Retrospect

Coming off the worst stretch of games this year that saw my post back to back red arrows and a slide out of the top 100k was frustrating. Over the course of 15 game weeks it had been a slow and methodical climb up the OR, to find myself in rarefied air at 81k. By best rank, next to the 75k I finished in 2015/16. However, the ascension suffered a setback with just 45 points in game week 15, followed by just 40 points the following week. Well off my self imposed average of 60 points. Continue reading “Premier League: GW18 Retrospect”

Watford Rewind: GW18 vs West Ham United

While it wasn’t a “must win game” coming off the back of a win against Cardiff City the week before, it appeared the lads were in good form, up for a test against a Hammers team that had got the business done in the previous four games, scoring 11 goals. By all appearance this game should have been a high scoring affair. Watford performed as they have all season long, confident in possession, stalwart on defense and received a bit of early Christmas cheer as they defeated West Ham, 2-0 Continue reading “Watford Rewind: GW18 vs West Ham United”