Premier League: GW11 Transfers

It always feels good to head into a new game week with two free transfers, especially coming off a season high score of 87 points, that saw me jump up to 163k in the overall rank. That’s not to say I don’t have problems on my squad. There are still players that should have been shipped out weeks again. Hello, Theo Walcott, I am talking to you. Lucas Moura, you haven’t done shit since coming into my starting XI either. While I could have easily replaced both players the past few weeks, I have been looking longer term, as opposed to some short period gains. That’s you, Ross Barkley.
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Watford Rewind: GW10 vs Huddersfield Town

Off a big away win last weekend at Molineux, the Golden Boys returned home, high on confidence ahead of Saturday’s game against David Wagner and Huddersfield Town. The last three meetings haven’t gone as planned for the Hornets, dropping all three to the Terriers, including a 4-1 thrashing at the Vic and a 1-0 in the away game. This season though, Huddersfield have been terrible, win less on the season, scoring just 4 goals and conceding 17 ahead of Saturday’s fixture. Continue reading “Watford Rewind: GW10 vs Huddersfield Town”

Premier League: GW10 Starting XI

I would like to think my starting XI is sorted as we are on the eve of game week 10. After a very discouraging week, many FPL managers are looking to regain some traction after a very low scoring week. I’ll consider myself lucky, as I scored 58 points and picked up a green arrow, moving up the OR to 341k. It’s to the point, where I am considering doing nothing! Not that I am completely happy with my midfield, but just not sure any transfers will work to my advantage this week and only hamper long terms plans. Continue reading “Premier League: GW10 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW10 Transfers

After a week of mulling over my short term changes and longer term strategy, I don’t believe using my free transfer this week would beneficial. It’s odd, as this could be the third time this season I roll my FT, which is very unlike how I have played in years past. While there are transfers I could make, the bigger picture to added a premium midfielder in the coming weeks will hinge on what I do with these two free transfers next week. Continue reading “Premier League: GW10 Transfers”

GW10 Preview: Watford vs Huddersfield Town

Much can change over the course of 12 months, be that as it may, Watford have struggled against David Wagner’s Terriers. Last season, Huddersfield was promoted to the Premier for the first time ever and finished 16th (37 points) in the league table. That was just four points off of Watford at 14th. In both games last season, the Terriers were victorious, as they posted a 4-1 victory last December at Vicarage Road and 1-0, earlier this year. Going back to the Championship League, Huddersfield have won the last four out of five, as Wagner has won all three matches he’s faced Watford. Continue reading “GW10 Preview: Watford vs Huddersfield Town”

Pitch & Pint Podcast: Ep.13 Show Notes

PITCH & PINT – EPISODE 12: Miracle at Molineux
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Episode 13 of Pitch & Pint Podcast being recorded Tuesday, October 23, Miracle at Molineux!
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Hello and welcome to episode 13 of Pitch & Pint. My name is Stephen, you can find me @6thGoal on Twitter. The question is asked time and time again on Twitter. Which way was does your support swing, your club or your FPL team?
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Premier League: GW9 Retrospect

It was a return to the pitch this week as Premier League football was back, after the second international break, that saw quiet a few flagged players, causing doubt and concern with many fantasy managers. As I’ve done nearly all season, patience paid off, as I did use both of my free transfers, late Friday night. Though the week, I held off making any chances, looking at sort term fixtures and long term strategy. Continue reading “Premier League: GW9 Retrospect”

Watford Rewind: GW9 vs Wolves

From the Rookery End touted their podcast as “Monumental at Molinuex.” This was a fitting title to Watford’s 2-0 victory against Wolves on Saturday. Can’t say expectations were too high, after being shell shocked, 4-0 at home to Bournemouth, ahead of the international break. It was the worse loss on the season, one in which Watford had returned just a single point in four games after starting the season 4-0, at the top of the league table. Continue reading “Watford Rewind: GW9 vs Wolves”

Premier League: GW9 Starting XI

Been sitting in front of the computer, here at work for 90 minutes now, finishing up Academica Vertex and The Art of the Dive and I am not much closer to a decision on the direction I want to go with my two free transfers. Based on Wednesday’s Premier League: GW9 Transfers, this decision seemed straight forward on the strategy I was looking to play. Now doubt and hesitation have started creeping him, much like that impending decision on who to captain. Mo Salah, away to Huddersfield or Kun Aguero, home to Burnley and the return of Joe Hart to the Eithad. Continue reading “Premier League: GW9 Starting XI”