Premier League: GW5 Starting XI

FPL is back! The international break is over and we are poised on the edge of Gameweek 5, which begins with the match of the week, as Spurs host Liverpool. While many fantasy manager activated their wild card, I on the other hand haven’t done much tinkering at all over the last two weeks. Having already played my wild card, I was unable to roll a FT over into the break, leaving me with the weekly free. Injuries were a bit of concern, but I have held steady and made no transfers.
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Premier League: GW4 Starting XI

This article could have been posted on Monday as patience went out the door while Gameweek 3 was still in full swing, after Richarlison was sent off with a red card. No real surprise, I followed the herd and knee jerked Theo Walcott into my squad, after wild card activation last week. Now a day before kickoff, the outstanding concern is Marko Arnautovic, who’s still flagged with a muscle injury, but indications are he will start against Wolves.
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Premier League: GW3 Starting XI

Heading into Friday with a bold, new found confidence as I activated my wild card on Tuesday night. While there is no “right time” for this decision, it could be seem as hasty, giving the matra of “patience” I’ve adopted this season. It’s been two weeks above the weekly average (65.5/PPG), but the fact I was short a premium forward was beginning to weight on my conscience, which was part of the reasoning behind the activation.
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Premier League: GW2 Starting XI

Looking back on the past 7 days, it’s been a good fantasy week, starting with the 67 points my starting XI scored in GW1. While that doesn’t sound like much, it was 14 points more than the 53 point average and it was over 60 points, which acts as a measuring stick for the season. While I didn’t post my goals for the season (yet), averaging 60 points has been on that list for a few years. Looking ahead to GW2, I have made one change in my starting XI and have decided to roll the FT in anticipation of big changes ahead of GW3.
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Premier League: GW1 Starting XI

Here we go, just a few hours away from the start of the 2018/19 Premier League season, as Manchester United welcome Leicester City. If last year’s opening fixture was thrilling, hopefully we will see a repeat to kick off this season. Many new faces in the FPL, players who have changed squads and player questions to be answered, especially if you are keen on a Watford defender. Yeah, don’t see that being to high on a fantasy manager’s list. This is the first starting XI post for the season, which will run down how I set my squad up.
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Premier League: GW38 Transfer & Starting XI

It’s the final week of the season and after a dismal performance in DGW37, it can’t come soon enough. It’s been a long and turbulent season, which has see highs and lows. However, it’s the lows that always seen to linger during the season. Harry Kane can fuck off! He’s been virtually useless on my starting XI all season long. Thankfully Mohamed Salah was a refreshing face that picked up much of Kane’s ineffectiveness.
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Premier League: Starting XV

On the heels of yesterday’s indecisiveness, a decision has been rendered on DGW36 starting XI. There was some consideration at taking hits in order to improve my double doublers, but with rotation a major factor this weekend, I felt it wasn’t work the risk to start the week on a negative score. It’s those four or eight points that could mean the difference between a red or green arrow.
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Premier League: BGW35 Starting XI

It should come as no surprise I have not set my starting XI for BGW35. Sadly, I am refreshing Twitter, talking beer with the #FPLBeerClub and waiting for @AnfieldExpress to possibly post the starting Liverpool XI for their trip to The Hawthorns. Coming off a disappointing 80 (-8 points) points saw a red arrow down to 173k, which wasn’t expected, but could feel it coming ahead of the Thursday games. The 8 point hit only netted me 2 points in the end, positive but not enough to salvage my fantasy week.

This week many pundits have been pushing discussion on the Free Hit, a chip I haven’t had since GW9, so much of their commentary and insight has no bearing on my starting XI. Just a single FT with a possible -4 point hit to get two new players is not out of the realm of possibility.  As it stands now I carry over 8 players who are starting this weekend.

Rotation in DGW34 was a “flat track bully” to many fantasy managers, many would are looking to rebound through the use of their Free Hit Chip this coming week. My strategy continues to roll with the punches, as fear got the best of me, which saw Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku break the starting XI last week. That mistake netted me only two points from the players I dropped.

Both Lukaku and Kane have returned to the chopping block, neither feature in BGW35, but return to action a week later. With Arsene Wenger “undecided” on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I must move in the direction of Gabriel Jesus. Not really what I want to do, but he’s probably the best bet up front this weekend. Next to Jesus will be the Turk, Cenk Tosun, who last struck for a brace in GW31, hopefully the home fixture Newcastle will reap attacking results

Defensively, it will be Vincent Kompany in for Nathan Ake. I feel he’s the most nailed defender for the man City the rest of the way. Plus, when he is fit, he’s dangerous and commanding in the middle of the defense. He takes his place in a defense that will start Matt Lowton, mainly for his assist potential, Paul Dummett, faces Everton on Monday and Virgil van Dijk, still looking for that EPL goal.

It’s a three man midfield this week, led by none other than Mohamed Salah, who will don the captain’s armband again. David Silva appears to get the nod in the middle again, as City want to perform at home on the Premiership winning season. Finally, the budget buy of the year, Luca Milivojevic away to a poor performing Watford club.

It will be a starting X this week, as I’ve taken a -4 point hit to bring in two Man City players, but it’s a risk that should pay dividends this weekend. After a disappointing DGW34, it would be great to see this team over perform to pick up another green arrow ahead of DGW37.

Premier League: DGW34 Starting XI

On the heels of back-to-back -4 point hits, I go balls deep this week with a -8 point hit, introducing that Spurs cheat, Harry Kane on the back of his “ghost goal” and the “Flat Track Bully,” Romelu Lukaku. It will surely be an interesting week with all the attention that has been paid to DGW34, there really is no clear cut starting XI this week. Captaincy is even up in the air with some good DGW options.
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