Premier League: GW16 Retrospect

This was a week that I prefer not to provide a retrospect on how my game week 16 squad. While I didn’t get bite by Mo Salah, like many sellers, I moved him ahead of game week 15, but Harry Kane and Leroy Sane were gems that week, so I still come out ahead, even with Mo hitting for the hatty. However, after Liverpool are done with this tough run, I am considering moving the Egyptian back into my squad. That will be discussed further in an upcoming Transfers article.
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Premier League: GW15 Retrospect

What a week! We still have one game week to go as I feel like I am in the back of a pink Cadillac with Thelma and Louise heading towards the edge of the Grand Canyon. While I am not Irish (maybe it’s because I listen to the Fantasy King Podcast), it seems luck could not have struck at a better time. I came out of game week 14 last weekend on 54 points (avg. 49 points) and a small red down about 5k to 97k in the OR. This week had the appearance of train wreck in the making with rotation hitting many fantasy managers hard.
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Premier League: GW13 Retrospect

So how are we feeling after game week 13? Like shit? Lucky? Can we go back into the international break? Well, I for one had a solid week, with a bit of lucky and lots of patience, I continue to see green as my climb up the OR ladder continues. This week saw an average of 50 points across FPL. Ahead of the Monday fixture, I sat on 50 points with Johan Berg Gudmundsson to play, who missed out due to injury. A bit frustrating, as he was my only hope against Newcastle to pocket some points, as I had a small green arrow.
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Premier League: GW6 Retrospect

Gameweek 6 was the fourth time in six weeks I’ve scored 60 or more points. Ahead of the season, ’60’ was the magic number I wanted to average over the course of the 38-week season. This week it was 63 points, and a GW rank of 815k. I registered a green arrow, second in a row and third in four weeks. On the season it’s 358 points, just two points off where I anticipated to be, before we started the FPL season, with a overall rank of 457k.
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Premier League: GW3 Retrospect

In hindsight, it was probably a hasty decision to activate the wild card ahead of Gameweek 3, but I saw a few problems mounting that I wanted to head off before they came major issues the further we got into this young season. That said, I was very pleased with how my WC turned out and had a confidence heading into GW3, off scores of 67 and 66 in the first two weeks of the season.
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Premier League: GW2 Retrospect

The toughest decision I had to make ahead of Gameweek 2 was not to do anything and let my starting XI run their course. Was it the best decision made? In some respect it was, as we spend many hours reviewing statistics, building many different teams and experimenting with formations ahead of the opening fixtures. So to burn a FT after the first gameweek doesn’t make much season. Then again, I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be more patient in this, my fifth year at the helm of an FPL team.
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Premier League: GW1 Retrospect

It’s usually a crap shoot headed into GW1, with weeks of planning, lineup tinkering and shouts of, “I had him in a previous lineup.” None of it means shit when the whistle blows. This week was a real odd one to start the. As I identified last season, there is an increasing trend in clean sheets, which saw an increase in the number of them over the last 2 years. This weekend did not fail those who stood by their defensive players, as a total of 8 clean sheets were award. SHOULD have been nine, but that 90’+2 Jamie Vardy goal cost Manchester United the clean sheets points.
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2017-2018 FPL – Season in Review

This year saw my approaching my 5th season participating in fantasy football. A fantasy game I have really taken to, more so than it’s US counterpart ever did, participating for some 38 years! I would like to think I learned a few new things this season, practiced a bit more patience and applied good decision making, based on the facts and information at hand. However, my overall score and rank aren’t representative of where I feel I should be. Then again, I think ALL fantasy manager can related to that, right?
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Premier League: GW38 Retrospect

So, the last retrospect of the year, as the FPL draws to a close on a piss poor season. I’m not the only fantasy manager who’s struggle, excelled and been frustrated, as this ride has come to an end. It was mentioned ahead of DGW37 that, a single week could make or break your season. For me, that gameweek, followed by GW38 did me in. This off the back of a lot of work and good decision making to break into the top 120k.
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