Premier League: GW33 Transfers

The UCL injury to Liverpool’s Mohammad Salah as sent the Twittersphere into a tailspin the last few days. The FPL points leader with 273 has been flagged for the upcoming fixture against Merseyside rivals, Everton. There has been little information confirmed, but lots of speculation about the severity of the groin injury. For me, it’s caused me to reevaluate my transfer options and hold my FT until late Friday before making a transfer decision.
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It was anxious moments when Spurs forward, Harry Kane limped off with an ankle injury after 33 minutes in a 4-1 victory away to Bournemouth. Speculation began as to the severity of the injury and the duration he’d be sidelined, rehabilitating the ankle in order to return to fitness. In just 2 weeks Kane put in a 16 minute cameo appearance in a 3-1 loss to Chelsea last week. Where does that leave fantasy owners for the run in?
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Premier League: GW32 Retrospect

You’ve heard the adage, “measure twice, cut once.” That could have been applied this last gameweek to my transfers, as I took a -4 hit to start the week. It was a week in which my squad came through to gain me a fourth consecutive green arrow, as my ascent up the OR continues. Moving forward there are few midfield concerns, as well Harry Kane. Does he make the cut now?
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Premier League: GW32 Starting XI

What a whirlwind of an international break it as been as everything fantasy football has been geared towards DGW34. Articles and podcasts, along with Twitter discussions all hold an underlying theme. Thankfully I avoided the craziness for a week, as I had no second wild card to activate or Free Hit Chip to consider. Did it make my planning any easier? Not really, but it took away some of the stress and frustration I have seen the last few weeks.
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Premier League: GW32 Transfers

While many fantasy managers activated their second wild card during of after Gameweek 31, there are others like myself, who aren’t bothered by continued tinkering to set the “perfect” wild card squad ahead of this gameweek. Two days ago I laid out my roadmap to DGW37 with, No WC/FH Chip Strategy. There is no one “fits all” strategy, regardless of chips or wild card remaining but this is what works for my team.
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Look Ahead: DGW34

Off a very successful BGW31, our attentions turns to the upcoming DGW34 and the following BGW35. On the back of three green arrows, I have made a charge up the overall ranking, gaining 328k spots over that period. On the season I have 1765 overall points, leaving me 405 points short of my best every score of 2170. Thanks in part to the 101 points in BGW31, I need to average just 57.8/PPW to achieve one of my season goals.
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Premier League: BGW31 Transfers

As we approach BGW31, fantasy managers have some tough decisions to make as only 4 Premier League games are slated to be played this weekend. We have known about it for some weeks now, as different strategies have been discussed; Free Hit Chip, WC, play with less than eleven. There is no one correct answer to fit every fantasy manager. A few weeks back I was looking at 9 starters for BGW31, but it appears I will be short, as I roll into the gameweek with 2 FT and some decisions to be made.
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