Premier League: BGW31 Transfers

As we approach BGW31, fantasy managers have some tough decisions to make as only 4 Premier League games are slated to be played this weekend. We have known about it for some weeks now, as different strategies have been discussed; Free Hit Chip, WC, play with less than eleven. There is no one correct answer to fit every fantasy manager. A few weeks back I was looking at 9 starters for BGW31, but it appears I will be short, as I roll into the gameweek with 2 FT and some decisions to be made.
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Premier League: GW30 Starting XI

Ahead of Gameweek 30 I sit and continue to contemplate the use of my FT ahead of Saturday. While there has been little preparation for BGW31, the only name on my team sheet that is a concern, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Then again, Arsenal have been terrible recently, even though they picked up an important 2-0 UEL victory against AC Milan. Could that be the win the Gunners needed? Will Mkhitaryan and company be viable options starting this week?
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Premier League: GW29 Retrospect

Two surprise moves ahead of Gameweek 29 resulted in a mixed bag at the end of the play. After weeks of planning towards BGW31 and DGW34, it seems I tossed it out the window and made a late transfers, thanks in part to FPL_Guidance. I also changed gears and attempted to rely on Harry Kane and not #AlwaysCaptainSalah on the weekend. Let’s just say I had a feeling, but it was not one to be goal filled.
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Really. I am better than this.

Usually I save an article like this for the end of the season, as I look back on the season, the highlights and failures over a 38 week season. However, I feel like I need to justify my position, if not to the community, to myself. While I am still green to FPL, playing in just my 5th year, fantasy sports is nothing new. I have spent 37 years playing NFL fantasy football and the goals are the same. Score the most points. Win. Have fun.
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Premier League: GW29 Starting XI

Probably at a disadvantage, as the Premier League could leave it until late deciding if some games will be played Saturday due to the “Beast from the East.” Having seen some images on Twitter and followed a few of the reports, there are a few games that could be canceled and pushed to another gameweek. Living in the United States, I usually have my team finalized by the time I go to sleep. It could be 8PM tonight that know what will happen on Saturday.
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Premier League: GW28 Retrospect

It was a love hate relationship this weekend with my fantasy squad. A very late transfer saw me take a -4 point hit to introduce Riyad Mahrez for Alexis Sanchez, after just 3 weeks of play resulting in just 9 points. It was time to cut ties in search of more points and better fixtures. Leicester City seemed to fit that bill with a great run in the rest of the season. Unfortunately, we had to wait until Thursday to finish the gameweek.
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