Premier League: GW38 Retrospect

So, the last retrospect of the year, as the FPL draws to a close on a piss poor season. I’m not the only fantasy manager who’s struggle, excelled and been frustrated, as this ride has come to an end. It was mentioned ahead of DGW37 that, a single week could make or break your season. For me, that gameweek, followed by GW38 did me in. This off the back of a lot of work and good decision making to break into the top 120k.
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Premier League: DGW34 Retrospect (part 1)

Anticipation was running high ahead of Saturday, I backed my Mohamed Salah talk, but activating the Triple Captain Chip on the Egyptian superstar ahead of their home fixture against Bournemouth. However, I believe fear got the best of me, in a moment of weakness I bought in Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku, players who have haven’t performed well in my squad this season.
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Premier League: GW33 Retrospect

In a week that saw the worst average score this season (32 points), my squad banged on this week recording another green arrow, finishing on 45 points (after the -4 hit). Injuries to Mohammad Salah and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, midweek caused me to reevaluate my starting XI, which resulted in an additional transfer this weekend. It was the second week in a row I had taken a hit, but come out on the positive side of the transfer points.
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Premier League: GW32 Retrospect

You’ve heard the adage, “measure twice, cut once.” That could have been applied this last gameweek to my transfers, as I took a -4 hit to start the week. It was a week in which my squad came through to gain me a fourth consecutive green arrow, as my ascent up the OR continues. Moving forward there are few midfield concerns, as well Harry Kane. Does he make the cut now?
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Premier League: GW29 Retrospect

Two surprise moves ahead of Gameweek 29 resulted in a mixed bag at the end of the play. After weeks of planning towards BGW31 and DGW34, it seems I tossed it out the window and made a late transfers, thanks in part to FPL_Guidance. I also changed gears and attempted to rely on Harry Kane and not #AlwaysCaptainSalah on the weekend. Let’s just say I had a feeling, but it was not one to be goal filled.
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Premier League: GW28 Retrospect

It was a love hate relationship this weekend with my fantasy squad. A very late transfer saw me take a -4 point hit to introduce Riyad Mahrez for Alexis Sanchez, after just 3 weeks of play resulting in just 9 points. It was time to cut ties in search of more points and better fixtures. Leicester City seemed to fit that bill with a great run in the rest of the season. Unfortunately, we had to wait until Thursday to finish the gameweek.
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