Premier League: GW21 Starting XI

There should be no reason I am looking ahead to DGW22 when we are on the even of Gameweek 21, with West Ham and Spurs watching from the sidelines, preparing for next week. Currently all the Twitter activity surrounds Harry Kane’s illness and the possibility he might not make both starts next week. That factor could play into my decision this week, as I was planning to rollover the FT in preparation to bring Kane in ahead of Gameweek 22.
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Potential Help

Yesterday, I briefly discussed rolling the Gameweek 21 FT over, allowing me 2 FT ahead of the Spurs double gameweek in order to reacquaint myself with Harry Kane. In a calculated move after Gameweek 13, I offloaded Kane in order to bolster a 5-man midfield. We all know how that has gone, based on the last 2 weeks, which has seen Kane net 6 goals ahead of Spurs BGW. While the short term is currently in order, it’s not too early to look ahead at the new year and what transfers could help fantasy teams.
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Premier League: GW20 Retrospect

Let me start by saying, the decision to move Harry Kane after Gameweek 13 has been mistake. Won’t call it a total disaster, but it was difficult to miss out on 6 goals over the last 2 gameweeks. As I pointed out yesterday in my #KANEXIT Comparison, I have lost approximately 78 points from this strategy between GW14-19. Those missed points are the difference between 434k, where I am currently at and 50k, where I could have been.
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#KANEXIT Comparison

Gameweek 13 was the final week I owned Harry Kane, as I began my #KANEXIT strategy weeks before Hall of Famer, Jay Egersdorff made his video discussing the logic and strategy behind it. Kane was scoreless in the last 3 games before hitting for a goal in a 1-1 draw with WBA. It was time to move the high priced forward and shift my budget to premium midfielders, a position that had been posting consistent returns.
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Premier League: GW20 Starting XI

Spending 12 hours at work on Christmas gave me plenty of time to evaluate my current position in FPL. It’s been a struggle the past 4 weeks, with just a single green arrow. Out of Gameweek 19, 77 points (before a -12 hit) appeared to have the makings of a green arrow. Justified or not, 65 overall points was not enough to reward my squad with an up arrow, which left me doubting my decision to move Harry Kane after Gameweek 13. His 17 point haul was a season high, now 6 double digit hauls on the season.
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The Kane Game

Any player boasting a 39.9 TSB% would usually be considered essential, but that isn’t necesarily the case this season when it comes to Harry Kane. A few weeks back the #KANEXIT movement was afoot, thanks in part to Jay Egersdorff and his video, which saw him move Kane and disperse the savings through out his squad. It was a logic I agreed with and felt I was out in front as the “right thing” to do since Kane wasn’t providing consistent returns, nor was he playing up to his 12.9 price tag. More recently it was the strong #KANEREMAINS voices with their, “told you so” opinions regarding holding the Spurs mane. All fantasy managers, Kane owners or not knew there would come a time in which he go off, which is exactly what he did in his 3-goal performance against Bournemouth. Should he now be considered essential?
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Premier League: GW19 Retrospect

Jay Egersdorff I am not. While his opinions and strategies were of sound logic leading up to Gameweek 18 and 19, I felt my planning had put me on the level. Somewhere between the high of 3-3, Arsenal and Liverpool match and the letdown of the 2-2 Man United, Leicester draw my plan fell apart. Part of the failure can be attributed to the -12 point hit, or investment, as it spins my hits in a more positive light. The success or failure of such as spending can’t be justified in a single week. While I was pleased with scoring 77 points on the weekend, it was a sea of red, which was not anticipated.
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Premier League: GW19 Starting XI

First off let me thank everyone who has supported the development and content I have provided on 6thGoal. It’s great to be part of a great community of like minded fantasy football managers who enjoy the beautiful game. While we don’t all share the same opinions, it’s great to provide content, sometimes from a different viewpoint. Have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas!
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The Gift of Giving

At some point in the past 4 seasons I have been stuck by a false sense that I have finally figured FPL out. The goal of the game is simple, the team with the most points wins. Pick those players who will provide you with that opportunity. As we all know, there is a harsh reality surrounding the game and a single game week out derail your run or send your squad plummeting down the overall ranking. Yet ever week, every season we return to game we love to do it again.
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Premier League: GW18 Retrospect

Much of my attention has been focused on adding the final touches to my premium 5-man midfield. While I could have provided a retrospect yesterday, I felt it necessary to hold off until all points were finalized and leagues were updated. Gameweek 18 brought the return of a green arrow following back to back red arrows and a drop of 308k. A return of 62 overall points this week, not including a -4 point hit that didn’t pay off saw a small green arrow of 6k, now sitting on 955 overall points and an overall rank at 479k.
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4 Week Mini-Season

In what can only be referred to as “knee Jerk” I followed Jay Egersdorff down the proverbial rabbit hole last Friday night, ahead of the early Saturday kick off. After spending time leading up to Gameweek 18 putting forth a plan to bolster the midfield, including a¬†formation¬†shift from 5-3-2 to a 4-5-1 . So far the transition has been anything but smooth, however things are looking up after this weekend.

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