Fantasy Football Thanks

As a fantasy manager I have some strong convictions when it comes to how I plan my squad and strategize over the course of the FPL season. That statement could be applied to nearly all fantasy mangers in the game. This year, more than the past 4 years I feel I have a better knowledge and understanding of how the game is played. The misconception of participating in fantasy (NFL) football for 38 years gave me a false sense of understanding the English game. Understand the players, understand the game, but there is much more to FPL.
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GW16 Transfers

Having a plan in place for the holiday period, I was confident in the direction my squad was taking. On the heels of starting the season using a 5-2-3 formation, my team flourished, while my captaincy selections were an Achilles heel that held me back from gaining improvement in the overall rank. A failed activation of the Free Hit Chip in Gameweek 9, 36 points (vs 58 if I didn’t play it) is the only blemish on an otherwise productive period since Gameweek 7 (8 out of 9 green arrows).
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Bulking Up

It appears my transfer plan continues to evolve weekly. What appeared to be the best course of action last week, looks different this week. Players I was considering just a few games ago, are no longer in favor. It’s amazing how our allegiance to players can shift, as quickly as one game.
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Premier League: GW15 Draft Retrospect

It was with some disappointment I realized I was the most active manager playing draft in my 8-team league. The top team appears to be active, making 15 transactions on the season, but the other 6 managers are all inactive. While my squad continues to perform, there isn’t any real competition. Too bad it took 15 weeks to figure this out. Not sure if I will continue to post draft information, as the game just doesn’t hold the attention like its traditional counterpart we know and love.
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Premier League: GW15 Retrospect

This week signaled the start of the hectic, holiday period as we  saw Gameweeks 13-15 inside the last seven days. On the back of 5 green arrows I went into Gameweek 15 with high expectations, after bringing in Eden Hazard for the midweek fixture, only to see him benched, wearing the captain’s armband. Sticking to my conviction, I kept the armband on Hazard, who ended up leading my starting XI in another great gameweek.
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Premier League: Gameweek 15 Starting XI

The midweek, Gameweek 14 fixtures were challenging, but things don’t appear to be any easier as we head into Gameweek 15 this weekend. The holiday festivities are in full swing and FPL managers must stay sharp to and be open to potential rotation. Midweek many fantasy managers lost out on players like Hazard, Coutinho, Azpilicueta and Salah, who actually came on and in 23 minutes posted a brace. Amazing! The Egyptian continues to perform like Aladdin with his magic lamp!
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GW15 Transfers

Just two days until the start of Gameweek 15 and we look forward to what potential changes or in form players would could introduce to give our squads a bump. For me, this was to be the week I dropped Jamie Vardy and Pascal Groß in favor of Oumar Niasse and Leroy Sané. However, Vardy scored last week against Spurs, while Niasse was still serving his suspension, Wayne Rooeny hit for a hat rick and Sané came up ill, which calls into question his availability for Gameweek 15.
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Premier League: GW14 Starting XI

…and so it begins, the start of the holiday period and more games than you can shake a stick at. As games come fast and furious, it’s important fantasy managers stay ahead of the curve and dialed in to their squads. Deadline dates, while always important become imperative, miss setting your lineup could cost you. It’s also a time for rotation by managers, which means your bench players could be called upon at a moment’s notice.
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