Premier League: GW18 Retrospect

Much of my attention has been focused on adding the final touches to my premium 5-man midfield. While I could have provided a retrospect yesterday, I felt it necessary to hold off until all points were finalized and leagues were updated. Gameweek 18 brought the return of a green arrow following back to back red arrows and a drop of 308k. A return of 62 overall points this week, not including a -4 point hit that didn’t pay off saw a small green arrow of 6k, now sitting on 955 overall points and an overall rank at 479k.
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4 Week Mini-Season

In what can only be referred to as “knee Jerk” I followed Jay Egersdorff down the proverbial rabbit hole last Friday night, ahead of the early Saturday kick off. After spending time leading up to Gameweek 18 putting forth a plan to bolster the midfield, including a¬†formation¬†shift from 5-3-2 to a 4-5-1 . So far the transition has been anything but smooth, however things are looking up after this weekend.

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Premier League: GW18 Starting XI

Instead of preparing for Gameweek 18 I have spent more time attempting to plan out transfers leading up to the first DGW taking place in Gameweek 22. Taking injuries and potential transfers into consideration, along with fixtures for this week, I believe I will roll my FT to Gameweek 19 and make multiple changes. As it stands now, the only player still flagged heading into the weekend action is Stephen Ward, with Burnley’s run of poor fixtures, he will be transferred out soon.
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Premier League: GW17 Retrospect

Do I really need to relive the horror that was the midweek fixtures? Gameweek 17 ranked right there with the previous week, as I finished with only 36 points., as I took a -4 point. Over the last 2 weeks I have scored a total of 71 points, worse I dropped 310k, now at 485k in the overall ranking. Things were looking up, riding 6 green arrows since the use of the Free Hit Chip in Gameweek 9, but the wheels have fallen off.
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FPL Squad Mirroring Watford

As a fantasy manager my run of success came to an abrupt end after Gameweek 16, posting a season low, 35 points. As a Watford supporter, its been a run of frustration since the 4-2 loss in Gameweek 9 to Chelsea, a match in which we were up 2-1 into the 70′ minute. The past 2 gameweeks have a trend developing in FPL, which mirrors the struggles Watford have faced since that Chelsea loss. Subsequent losses to Stoke City, the come from behind win by Everton, coupled with the 1-0 heatbreaker at Burnley and yesterday’s collapse in the final minutes to drop more points, 2-1 away to Palace.
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GW17: Knee Jerk

As I continually look over the options for my Gameweek 17 starting XI, I am left with an empty feeling, knowing my squad has some glaring deficiencies. The injury and subsequent “rest” for Alvaro Morata was unexpected, as I had him pegged as a full time starter in my 4-5-1. Rarely did I plan on playing Callum Wilson or Jamie Vardy up front in his formation. Vardy continues to struggle and his exit ticket had already been punched for Gameweek 18. However, with injuries I might have to make a unplanned transfer.
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Fantasy Football Thanks

As a fantasy manager I have some strong convictions when it comes to how I plan my squad and strategize over the course of the FPL season. That statement could be applied to nearly all fantasy mangers in the game. This year, more than the past 4 years I feel I have a better knowledge and understanding of how the game is played. The misconception of participating in fantasy (NFL) football for 38 years gave me a false sense of understanding the English game. Understand the players, understand the game, but there is much more to FPL.
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GW16 Transfers

Having a plan in place for the holiday period, I was confident in the direction my squad was taking. On the heels of starting the season using a 5-2-3 formation, my team flourished, while my captaincy selections were an Achilles heel that held me back from gaining improvement in the overall rank. A failed activation of the Free Hit Chip in Gameweek 9, 36 points (vs 58 if I didn’t play it) is the only blemish on an otherwise productive period since Gameweek 7 (8 out of 9 green arrows).
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Bulking Up

It appears my transfer plan continues to evolve weekly. What appeared to be the best course of action last week, looks different this week. Players I was considering just a few games ago, are no longer in favor. It’s amazing how our allegiance to players can shift, as quickly as one game.
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