Premier League: BGW31 Starting XI

We’re back, 24 hours later! Academica Vertex. Episode 33 – Top Fidy was a success, however it answered NONE of my question, when Casey, Gabe and I collaborated on how to play the blank game week, while looking ahead to GW32. It took me a bit longer to realize the the Watford game started early and we could know the ramification before the deadline approached for BGW31. That said, I am hold my transfers and starting XI, until very close to the deadline on Saturday. Continue reading “Premier League: BGW31 Starting XI”

Premier League: BGW31 Transfers

In the words of Ax Rose from the 1987 release, Appetite for Destruction and their song, Sweet Child O’ Mine, “where do we go now?” That is the question I’ve been asking myself the last two weeks, ahead of BGW31. Now, Thursday afternoon, I am no closer to answering it, as there are options on the bench with two free transfers in hand. Like that unspent money, it’s burning a hole in my pocket. I’ll see if I can talk my way through my transfer options for this, the first major blanks game week in the Premier League. Continue reading “Premier League: BGW31 Transfers”

FPL: Luck vs Skill

Earlier this season, I posted an article titled, Luck in FPL? The topic is vehemently debated with no discernible outcome. The question of skill versus luck reared it’s head again on Twitter and as discussion raged on, the conclusion was, there is no right answer. If you playing well or have played well over a few season, you could finger skill as the reason for your success. However, if you have been spinning your wheels or struggling, you could say it was a run of bad luck. Continue reading “FPL: Luck vs Skill”

FPL Strategy: Second Thought

Nothing is written in stone…yet. We are finally in BGW31, the first big blank of the week, that features just 10 Premier League teams in action this weekend. Currently, my strategy has been to build to the blank game week. Last week I rolled the FT and have two ahead of this Saturday to bring in players who will feature in both BGW31 and BGW33 (hopefully). With European action midweek and FA Cup this weekend, there are still unscheduled games that need to fill some vacant game weeks. Continue reading “FPL Strategy: Second Thought”

Premier League: GW30 Retrospect

There was a point Saturday morning, watching the 3pm kick offs that I could not keep up with all the scoring. I just happen to have all five games streaming on my PC, as I am switching back and forth on Slack from Art of the Dive to Always Cheating, as discussion was coming fast and furious. With goals flying in, I was comparing OR in Fantasy Football Fix with and Premier League Tools. It all told the same story a big green arrow was in the making. However, that is not how it was for many FPL managers come to find out later. Continue reading “Premier League: GW30 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW30 Starting XI

How’s your FPL week been? With many pods dropping and more information coming to light, things are starting to drop in place moving forward, as managers keep an eye on BGW31, but don’t want to leave themselves short for game week 30. As mentioned a few times, I strayed from my original strategy, with FOMO on Man City players. Raheem Sterling, one game, one captain. One bust. Jamie Vardy, one shot. One Goal. Not impressed. Now as we are on the even of the game week how does your starting XI look? Continue reading “Premier League: GW30 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW29 Transfers

This article gets more difficult to write each week, as it get closer to BGW31. Your remaining FTs and hits will be predicated on your chip strategy ahead of the first big blank of the season. What works for me, might not work for you. I have no plans on taking a hit to bring in an additional players, giving me 9 or 10 starters. Some are looking at moving in a DGW player for a non-playing one, knowing they can recoup the -4 points. At this point of the season, points, like chips are important. Why give away unnecessary points if you don’t have to? Continue reading “Premier League: GW29 Transfers”