Everton Now Watford 2.0

No surprise I have been taking some critical feedback about all the negative comments and feelings towards Richarlison. While he showed flashes of brilliance last season for Watford, he felt his career could be furthered elsewhere in the Premier League. Thankfully, Everton seemed to believe that  his £40 million price tag was warranted after a very below average season under Marco Silva, who took control of the Toffees at the end of May 2018.
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Premiership Golden for Landon?

Here we go again in the world of football. Landon Donovan, who is the whinny “golden boy” of American soccer has finalized a January loan dealing taking him to the Premiership and Goodison Park, home to Everton. Thankfully David Beckham doesn’t play at Manchester U any longer because, much like his teammate on the Galaxy he will continue to live in the shadow of soccer greatness.

I really can’t believe I called Beckham “great” but I must give him some accolades because he was truly magical in his years at Manchester United, but since moving to Real Madid and then to the US to be nothing more than a washed up has been he has lost much of that magic. I still don’t believe he should be in the starting XI at Milan, but then again I guess it’s a decision like that, that prevents me from being a Manager.

I don’t see the American golden boy as the top player for the Toffees. American Tim Howard is still a class act, while not in particular form currently is the best American player. Phil Neville is the captain, but in his absence (injury) Howard has worn the armband. The Australian, Tim Cahill is another classy player for Everton. The big problem for Everton this year has been injuries, which has them near the bottom of the table, a single point above the relegation zone.

Adding Donovan doesn’t make them an immediate contender, but it could be a stop gap and help to prevent any further drop in the Premiership. I don’t see him in the starting XI. Sure he has some talent, at least playing the “American” game, but does he have what it takes to find success in Europe?

I don’t think he does. Sure there are other Americans playing abroad, Clint Dempsey at Fulham comes to find, DaMarcus Beasley for Rangers in Scotland are just two field players. I do believe Landon will struggle early on, not only to find form but to come to terms with the European game. Yes, I am well away he is the “MVP” but again that is the American version of football…soccer, the MLS, which is NOT a top league in the world.

I think this loan move only fuels the fire between his ego and that of David Beckham, which will continue to hold interest leading up to World Cup 2010, when England opens with the US on June 11. Now we have teammates in Los Angeles, both on loan deals, playing in Europe (Beckham at AC Milan) who will face off in South Africa.

In my limited Premiership experience, Landon Donovan is nothing more than an option for David Moyes, who continues to juggle his starting XI because of all the injuries. Time will tell just how the American golden boy does. I do believe his “golden” image will be tarnished as he won’t be able to contend immediately with the pace of the game. His spell at Everton will be short before heading back to the MLS. Do we smell a sale of Landon in the future to the Toffees? Possibly.