Defensively Red, Offensively Blue

The 2019/20 FPL season is just under a month away, as Liverpool gears up to kick off against a new cream puff up from the Championship. Many are already touting the #ALWAYSCAPTAINSALAH on Twitter, as manager continue to tinker and tweet their RMTs. Doesn’t that get boring? I’ll admit, I just dropped a 15-man squad on Twitter, but I wasn’t looking for anyone to RMT, but an interesting idea that I haven’t seen floated in the FPL community. Does that mean it’s THAT stupid? Let’s see. Continue reading “Defensively Red, Offensively Blue”

5-Man Defense Feasibility

Lots of talk on how to approach this FPL season, as August 11 is coming towards fantasy managers, like Mo Salah blazing down the right flank. It’s interesting to see some early teams and the run of formations popping up. No real surprise that a 3-4-3 still seems to garner most of the attention. This, along with a 3-5-2 provides the most attacking potential from a midfield and forward perspective, while the four and five defender formations haven’t garnered much support.
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FPL 2018/19: Initial Thoughts

In what was a surprise move, FPL was launched today after a leaked price list made the rounds on Twitter on Thursday morning in the US. As I was in the middle of converting the PDF found at Who Got The Assist, I happen to refresh my Twitter feed and saw FPL_Fly posting his ID number. Needless to say, I quickly pulled Premier League, registered for the upcoming season, auto drafted a squad and was given number, 446. While the ID is irrelevant, it seems to hold some bragging rights among some managers, where lower is better. Here I always thought, bigger was better. At any rate, about 80000 managers welcomed the league with open arms and Twitter was filled with managers getting back into the FPL swing of things.
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FPL Observations

Maybe we should rename this FPL season to WTF? Might be more fitting, as there is been no consistency in this young season after 11 Gameweeks. There has been a great deal of frustration for fantasy managers, just when you think you’ve made a great transfer, they get benched by Pep the following week or don’t return.  It’s been a very difficult year to read and we still have 28 weeks of games to come.
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