VAPM Update: GW8

We head into the second international break and it seems the only consistent thing I’ve had to rally behind this season has been the non-stop captaincy of Mo Salah, recording 134 points (16.8 avg.) over eight game weeks. Even with that limited success, I feel my season slipping away, as I continue to struggle to put green arrows on the board. This week was just the second on the season and only the third time I’ve scored over 60 points. We’ve got some more data to review and put into key metrics. For me, I continue to push VAPM or value added per million. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW8”

VAPM – Viable Transfers?

The last two years I’ve dug deeper into some key metrics to help with player decisions. This is one of many different metrics to us when when contemplating players of interest. This year, I’ve paid more attention to deficiencies in past seasons. It doesn’t come as a surprise that my midfielders are excelling when it comes to their point totals in relation to their price and minutes played. It’s a plethora of acronyms; PP90, PPM, PPMM and VAPM, as managers look for keys in the numbers to unlock their season. Continue reading “VAPM – Viable Transfers?”