Deconstructing 8 Gameweeks

As FPL is in the second international break is here and many aren’t looking forward to a weekend without Premier League action. After last week’s dismal performance, I am glad we have a week off to reflect on the previous eight weeks and what we face out of the break, as the holiday fixtures loom on the horizon. While it’s never fun to head into a break on a red arrow that’s just what I did scoring 49 points, just one short of the 50 point weekly average.  Continue reading “Deconstructing 8 Gameweeks”

Everton Now Watford 2.0

No surprise I have been taking some critical feedback about all the negative comments and feelings towards Richarlison. While he showed flashes of brilliance last season for Watford, he felt his career could be furthered elsewhere in the Premier League. Thankfully, Everton seemed to believe that  his £40 million price tag was warranted after a very below average season under Marco Silva, who took control of the Toffees at the end of May 2018.
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International Break: Wild Card?

The first four weeks of the 2018/19 Premier League are in the books and for many teams it’s been an…interesting start to the campaign. For many fantasy managers, this is a time when activation of the first wild card could take place. Don’t be fooled by the “experts” into think there is a perfect time to wild card. There isn’t. You activate the wild card when you feel it’s going to benefit your team. It’s that simple.
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It was anxious moments when Spurs forward, Harry Kane limped off with an ankle injury after 33 minutes in a 4-1 victory away to Bournemouth. Speculation began as to the severity of the injury and the duration he’d be sidelined, rehabilitating the ankle in order to return to fitness. In just 2 weeks Kane put in a 16 minute cameo appearance in a 3-1 loss to Chelsea last week. Where does that leave fantasy owners for the run in?
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When Is Sanchez Salah?

As promoted by Josh and Brandon, the “cheaters” of Always Cheating, “set your bus team.” Meaning, if you get hit by a bus, at least you have a team set for the upcoming FPL games. Morbid as it may seen, it’s a good practice to follow, as I was caught by the New Year’s Day deadline and forget set my team for Gameweek 22. However, it worked out and I scored 64 points and a green arrow.
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Advanced Planning – 2FT

As mentioned in the Monday retrospect from Gameweek 23, things weren’t necessarily rosy. Finished the week on 66 points, which saw a small red arrow, down 8k to an overall rank of 417k. Compare this standing against last season and I am 819k spots better off. Not saying much, as I expected to be near the top 100k by this point of the season, but not all decisions have fallen favorably for me.
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Ways of the Wild Card

Sitting here at work, I await the start of Spurs vs West Ham. Hold out hope that West Ham is up for the match at Wembley. As we saw earlier in the years, Spurs struggled against some lower ranked opponents (BUR/SWA/BOU/BHA) and put in a poor, out of form performance. We have also seen West Ham step up their defensive prowess and post clean sheets against Chelsea and Arsenal. So which teams will show up today? My hope is West Ham brings a stout defense to Wembley and Arthur Masuaka is able to come away from the game with a few points.
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Potential Help

Yesterday, I briefly discussed rolling the Gameweek 21 FT over, allowing me 2 FT ahead of the Spurs double gameweek in order to reacquaint myself with Harry Kane. In a calculated move after Gameweek 13, I offloaded Kane in order to bolster a 5-man midfield. We all know how that has gone, based on the last 2 weeks, which has seen Kane net 6 goals ahead of Spurs BGW. While the short term is currently in order, it’s not too early to look ahead at the new year and what transfers could help fantasy teams.
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Fantasy Football Thanks

As a fantasy manager I have some strong convictions when it comes to how I plan my squad and strategize over the course of the FPL season. That statement could be applied to nearly all fantasy mangers in the game. This year, more than the past 4 years I feel I have a better knowledge and understanding of how the game is played. The misconception of participating in fantasy (NFL) football for 38 years gave me a false sense of understanding the English game. Understand the players, understand the game, but there is much more to FPL.
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