VAPM Update: GW8

We head into the second international break and it seems the only consistent thing I’ve had to rally behind this season has been the non-stop captaincy of Mo Salah, recording 134 points (16.8 avg.) over eight game weeks. Even with that limited success, I feel my season slipping away, as I continue to struggle to put green arrows on the board. This week was just the second on the season and only the third time I’ve scored over 60 points. We’ve got some more data to review and put into key metrics. For me, I continue to push VAPM or value added per million. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW8”

VAPM Update: GW7

The value added per million or VAPM has been updated to include GW7 with prices current as of November 3. Not surprisingly, defenders dominate the top of the chart, as Max Kilman picked up his fourth start, as Wolves claimed their third clean sheet in four weeks. Could the league finally be settling down after seven week of action? It appears that way, as Chelsea’s Kurt Zouma and Ben Chilwell are just behind Kilman, The Chelsea center back helped his cause with a goal and clean sheet, scoring 14 points. Chilwell quiet on the day did help the Blues to their third clean sheet in the last four as well. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW7”

VAPM Update: GW6

Guess I can take solace in knowing that the key metric, VAPM numbers have been updated for GW6. Most notably this week has been in the increase in defenders above the baseline VAPM of 0.35. By the conclusion of the game week, 74 players are above the threshold and based solely on this metric are targets for transfers and wild cards. VAPM numbers are slowly decreasing overall, which is the expectation, as players put in more minutes and don’t have the returns to keep their VAPM over the median. As a reminder, this key metric uses 180 minutes and 4 points as the minimum qualifications to make this list. Players in bold are highlighted by position are currently at or above 0.35 VAPM. The GW6 list includes: 25 defenders, 26 midfielders, 13 forwards and  10 goalkeepers. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW6”

VAPM Update: GW5

It will probably require much of the season to see if crunching the numbers in order to generate a baseline figure for VAPM will provide any advantage during the FPL season. This year, more than the previous two seasons, I’ve started using the ‘value added per million’ (VAPM) of 0.35 as a baseline for players in my squad. By no means will it guarantee a successful season, but it’s my hope that using this data in order to get a number to base player decisions around could improve the “total immediate points gained from transfers” as tracked using FPL Statistico. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW5”

VAPM Update: GW4

If you have read any of my previous articles in the past few years, then you have seen VAPM now and then. It’s a key metric used when making decisions and player selections in FPL. VAPM is something I found on Reddit three years ago, used it the last few years sparingly, but have delved deep this year, using it exclusively to set up my starting XI and see how players I own are progressing after each game. It’s not much different than FPL managers using any number of metrics available to help narrow down player selections in an attempt to field the best players, giving them the best opportunity to score points. Continue reading “VAPM Update: GW4”