2019/20 Premier League: GW3 Retrospect

Last Monday was a big day in the FPL, as I activated by first wild card. While many FPL managers did agree with the decision, after just two weeks of data, it was a move that allowed me to secure a few “hot” and wanted players for the near future. While one week doesn’t make a wild card, it returned 62 points this week, thanks in part to adding Raheem Sterling to my starting XI. One of the main factors in my decision to wild card. Continue reading “2019/20 Premier League: GW3 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW28 Retrospect

It was a very bittersweet game week 28. Driving home, listening to the Liverpool v Watford game, in which the Hornets were already down 3-0 before Andrew Robertson and Virgil van Dijk decided to go offensive. While that wasn’t good for the Honrets, that was excellent for my FPL team, as my game week turned from red to green in the span of four minutes. Mo Salah? Is he even relevant any longer? He pulled his best Richarlison impression on Wednesday. Continue reading “Premier League: GW28 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW13 Retrospect

So how are we feeling after game week 13? Like shit? Lucky? Can we go back into the international break? Well, I for one had a solid week, with a bit of lucky and lots of patience, I continue to see green as my climb up the OR ladder continues. This week saw an average of 50 points across FPL. Ahead of the Monday fixture, I sat on 50 points with Johan Berg Gudmundsson to play, who missed out due to injury. A bit frustrating, as he was my only hope against Newcastle to pocket some points, as I had a small green arrow.
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Premier League: GW28 Retrospect

It was a love hate relationship this weekend with my fantasy squad. A very late transfer saw me take a -4 point hit to introduce Riyad Mahrez for Alexis Sanchez, after just 3 weeks of play resulting in just 9 points. It was time to cut ties in search of more points and better fixtures. Leicester City seemed to fit that bill with a great run in the rest of the season. Unfortunately, we had to wait until Thursday to finish the gameweek.
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Premier League: GW18 Retrospect

Much of my attention has been focused on adding the final touches to my premium 5-man midfield. While I could have provided a retrospect yesterday, I felt it necessary to hold off until all points were finalized and leagues were updated. Gameweek 18 brought the return of a green arrow following back to back red arrows and a drop of 308k. A return of 62 overall points this week, not including a -4 point hit that didn’t pay off saw a small green arrow of 6k, now sitting on 955 overall points and an overall rank at 479k.
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Premier League: GW15 Draft Retrospect

It was with some disappointment I realized I was the most active manager playing draft in my 8-team league. The top team appears to be active, making 15 transactions on the season, but the other 6 managers are all inactive. While my squad continues to perform, there isn’t any real competition. Too bad it took 15 weeks to figure this out. Not sure if I will continue to post draft information, as the game just doesn’t hold the attention like its traditional counterpart we know and love.
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