Premier League: GW21 Retrospect

It say its been anything but easy, over this festive period would be an understatement. What started out as my best season out of 6 years playing FPL, turned drastic, as I hit the doldrums starting in game week 16 with four out of five red arrows, dropping from 81k to 162k, in what appeared to be a blink of the eye. Unlike other times during the season, you couldn’t dwell on the red, but look ahead to next game week, which was also a few days away. Continue reading “Premier League: GW21 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW14 Retrospect

I knew I was in trouble on Saturday as I Kun Aguero had picked up a knock and missed out on City’s 3-1 victory. He was also my captain. Thankfully, I didn’t vice captain Mo Salah, but Marcos Alonso, giving me a chance to have a decent return on Sunday. Bench positions were important this week as well, based solely on fixture difficulty, I had Will Hughes first, Callum Wilson, second. We know how that worked out in game week 14.
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