Premier League: GW23 Retrospect

Oh, what a difference Mo Salah makes! The Reds midfielder was the sole difference between a red arrow this week and the big, fat green I picked up, jumping 29k spots on the week. This was the second time I picked up big points off my two free transfers, a difference of 36 points in my favor. Was I wrong to move Salah after game week 14? Much like the logic behind dropping Harry Kane last year, I made a sound decision. I will need to break down the numbers and see where I would have been, had I kept Salah and not gone in on Kane. Continue reading “Premier League: GW23 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW22 Retrospect

This weekend hurt more than others and it didn’t start off with a bang and Arsenal flopped like a fish out of water getting shutout by West Ham, of all teams! Guess it could have been worse, could have been Everton. The armband failed to return point this week, as defenders flourished again, but wasn’t able to see clean sheets across all the defenders. Where have the midfielders gone? In fact all attackers? Maybe this was one of those weekends that tests your patience. Continue reading “Premier League: GW22 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW20 Retrospect

The festive period has been nothing short of frustrating as we are on the eve of 2019, which can hopefully bring some new year’s luck. This season was moving along great as game week 15 ended on a green arrow, up to 81k in the overall rank. Since that time, it’s been a slow, painful slide, dropping to 162k, losing £0.7 in team value and not seeing consistency, as my patience is being tried. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Retrospect”

2018/19 Mid-Season Retrospect

“Oh what a difference a year can make.” As I sit here and reminiscence, attempting to draw parallels between the success I’ve had this season to the unfortunate fate I suffered last year at this point.  Many aspects of the FPL game are unchanged; put together a 15-man roster and start XI players each week in an attempt to score the most points you can. Easy, right? Last year out of the game week 19, I’d scored 77 points, second highest point total I’d had on the season. That came on the back of a -12 point hit, that got me a red arrow as I plummeted past 526k on the season with an overall score of 1020. Continue reading “2018/19 Mid-Season Retrospect”

Premier League: GW18 Retrospect

Coming off the worst stretch of games this year that saw my post back to back red arrows and a slide out of the top 100k was frustrating. Over the course of 15 game weeks it had been a slow and methodical climb up the OR, to find myself in rarefied air at 81k. By best rank, next to the 75k I finished in 2015/16. However, the ascension suffered a setback with just 45 points in game week 15, followed by just 40 points the following week. Well off my self imposed average of 60 points. Continue reading “Premier League: GW18 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW17 Retrospect

Last Sunday, I lasted just 66 minutes before I turned off both the Chelsea and Arsenal games, as I knew my FPL weekend was going to pile of shit. Over the course of the season, I have rode out rough weeks, where defensive units didn’t shine, but where the midfield and forwards picked my squad up. This week had the making to be big, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang visiting Southampton and my captain, Harry Kane, home to Burnley. Unfortunately, things on the pitch didn’t go as planned, when your defense doesn’t score and your forwards leave you hanging. Continue reading “Premier League: GW17 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW16 Retrospect

This was a week that I prefer not to provide a retrospect on how my game week 16 squad. While I didn’t get bite by Mo Salah, like many sellers, I moved him ahead of game week 15, but Harry Kane and Leroy Sane were gems that week, so I still come out ahead, even with Mo hitting for the hatty. However, after Liverpool are done with this tough run, I am considering moving the Egyptian back into my squad. That will be discussed further in an upcoming Transfers article.
Continue reading “Premier League: GW16 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW15 Retrospect

What a week! We still have one game week to go as I feel like I am in the back of a pink Cadillac with Thelma and Louise heading towards the edge of the Grand Canyon. While I am not Irish (maybe it’s because I listen to the Fantasy King Podcast), it seems luck could not have struck at a better time. I came out of game week 14 last weekend on 54 points (avg. 49 points) and a small red down about 5k to 97k in the OR. This week had the appearance of train wreck in the making with rotation hitting many fantasy managers hard.
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Premier League: GW12 Retrospect

Ahead of game week 12 I held my two free transfers until late Friday afternoon (in the US) before making my decision on the direction I was going to take. There was some question midweek that I would add Sadio Mane and a £4.5 midfielder for James Milner and Lucas Moura. It looked good on paper, going to that potential “home run” with Mane at Anfield against whipping boys, Fulham. Instead, I held to my plan transferring in Virgil van Dijk and Johan Berg Gudmundsson. Both decisions resulted in a positive result and set me up out of the international break.
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Premier League: GW9 Retrospect

It was a return to the pitch this week as Premier League football was back, after the second international break, that saw quiet a few flagged players, causing doubt and concern with many fantasy managers. As I’ve done nearly all season, patience paid off, as I did use both of my free transfers, late Friday night. Though the week, I held off making any chances, looking at sort term fixtures and long term strategy. Continue reading “Premier League: GW9 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW 8 Retrospect

It’s amazing how much you miss when you miss one game week. That was the case last weekend, when I made it just 33′ into the Watford v Bournemouth game before I turned it off and swore off football the rest of the weekend. In fact I didn’t even look at scores until Monday, which left me with a lot of catching up to do. However my weekend problems ended up being personal related, as fantasy football took a back seat. Continue reading “Premier League: GW 8 Retrospect”

Premier League: GW6 Retrospect

Gameweek 6 was the fourth time in six weeks I’ve scored 60 or more points. Ahead of the season, ’60’ was the magic number I wanted to average over the course of the 38-week season. This week it was 63 points, and a GW rank of 815k. I registered a green arrow, second in a row and third in four weeks. On the season it’s 358 points, just two points off where I anticipated to be, before we started the FPL season, with a overall rank of 457k.
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