Premier League: GW26 Transfers & Starting XI

Ahead of game week 26, it feels I’ve been out of the loop since I last podcasted, ahead of game week 24. Time constraints and life left me no time ahead of the first DGW, but after listening to other pods, they all had the game week covered. Out of DGW25, I was left disappointed with a paltry score of 51, well of the average of 65 points, probably the highest game week average of the season! Continue reading “Premier League: GW26 Transfers & Starting XI”

Premier League 25: Transfers & Starting XI

A flurry of activity after the midweek fixtures, as fantasy managers turn their attention towards the first double game week of the season. On Twitter I’ve seen some taking hits to to bring 2-3 Man City players in, while moving other options out of their starting XI. For me, I am not going to bother with DGW25. Currently, I don’t own any City assets and won’t force a square peg into a round hole, which is what I would be doing, if I attempted to chase points with City players. As for Everton…pfft…not even bothering with these Marco Silva “misfits.” Continue reading “Premier League 25: Transfers & Starting XI”

Premier League: GW24 Starting XI

After research, discussion on Twitter and a number of beers last night, I have come to a well thought out decision ahead of game week 24. Carrying 2 FTs into the game, I am going to roll one, on the off chance I feel the desire to pick up a Man City player ahead of DGW25. Right now, the only one of interest is Leroy Sane, which I can’t afford with £1.5 ITB. Instead, I will go a different direction, one that is probably ill advised by many in the community but it feels more right that busting up my squad that’s played rather consistent. Continue reading “Premier League: GW24 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW23 Starting XI

After a rough patch of three reds in the last four weeks, SOMETHING have to give, right? How long can a bad luck streak run? Wait, don’t answer that, as I have seen fantasy managers worse off than myself, who’ve had some red runs. I recall a few years ago I had a 10-12 game red streak, so it can and does happen. Conversely, it can swing the other way with a bit of that “Irish” luck from Paddy and Johnny of The King Podcast. Green arrows are all the desire and after two transfers this week I feel my starting XI is the best it’s looked in a number of weeks. Continue reading “Premier League: GW23 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW22 Starting XI

As we steam towards the Saturday morning fixtures, it’s time to give one last look at potential transfers and finalize the game week 22 starting lineup. As it stands on Friday morning, on the West Coast of the US, I have three players flagged; Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (suspended), Ryan Fraser (hamstring) and Callum Wilson (hamstring). Many FPL managers would have me moving off the Bournemouth duo, but can’t argue with their 18 points last weekend. Favorable fixture against a non-existent Everton defense too this weekend. Continue reading “Premier League: GW22 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW21 Starting XI

We are just over an hour away from the kickoff of game week 21. While many will already have their starting XI set and captain selected, I just made a transfer ahead of the game week. Now, it’s not uncommon to see many in the UK hold their transfer until game day. Here in the states, I usually get up minutes before the kickoff, so setting it the night before the game usually works better. Since I had to come into work early, I had too much time to listen to a few podcasts on the commute in, time to think and ponder decisions. Sometimes that can be a dangerous thing. Continue reading “Premier League: GW21 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW20 Starting XI

…and in a blink of an eye, here comes game week 20. Coming off a solid 68 point week, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to garner a green arrow as I slide about 15k. This week with not much time between games, I made a rather quick decision to bring in Paul Pogba for Leroy Sane. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire, as City still have good fixtures, this week against So’ton. United faces a defensively leaky, Bournemouth. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW17 Starting XI

It’s Friday! Ahead of game week 17, I’ve got two free transfers to make, after deciding against any changes last weekend. None of those changes would have had any results on my final score. This week, Will Hughes, who’s been flagged with a hip injury has ‘no return date.’ He’s been on my short list to move and now my hand is forced. By the same token, Johan Berg Gudmundsson continues to carry a hip injury. Based on Premier Injuries he’s “Touch and go. Making forms of progress but I’m not sure if he’ll make it,” reports Sean Dyche. Continue reading “Premier League: GW17 Starting XI”

Premier League: GW15 Starting XI

We are about 24 hours away from game week 15 kickoff as the festive period is in full swing, as we look forward to the next game week on Saturday. Last week tossed a wrench into the machine to upset many fantasy mangers, myself included. Thankfully Virgil van Dijk picked up 12 points with the most unique assist that gave Liverpool a 1-0 win with virtually the last kick of the game. Ahead of the game week I am down to 97k after 54 points, but feeling confident as I took my first hits of the season. I do feel a bit dirty after hitting the transfer button, but do think my team has been strengthened.
Continue reading “Premier League: GW15 Starting XI”

Premier league: Friday Knee Jerk GW14

Last night Casey (FPL_Tornado), Gabe (FPLLens) and I recorded Episode 21: Save My Wild Card, live on Google Hangouts for the Academica Vertex. Casey was on his wild card and we were looking to give advice and opinions ahead of game week 14. I thought I was done and ready for the Premier League action, until I got received a DM message that put a dumbfounded look on my face, as if I had never played FPL before. I was lost, like a ship without a rudder in a sea of green, not sure what to do. When that’s that case, holding and rolling the FT is usually the best option.
Continue reading “Premier league: Friday Knee Jerk GW14”

Premier League: GW14 Starting XI

I’m exhausted. It seems to have been that sort of week, maybe work actually has to be factored into the equation, but with Premier League action starting Friday, as Cardiff host Wolves, it’s always challenging on a short week. Lots of discussion this week across the board when it comes to those highly touted Man City midfielder. As of now, I am not buying into ANY of them. I feel Sterling is a knee jerk reaction for Hazard failing last week. This ahead of a choice Fulham fixture.
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Premier League: GW13 Starting XI

Probably a minor voice when I saw that this international break was a welcomed one. While I had planned potential moves and strategy to game week 12, I hadn’t put too much thought into the hectic festive period that starts this game week. This is the first week I have considered taking a -4 point hit in order to bring in a mid-priced, in form midfielder. However, I talked myself out of that as, I feel my currently starting XI is strong enough without putting myself in a deficit to start the weekend.
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