FPL: A Look Ahead

I’ve listened to a number of season ending FPL podcasts the last week, as well as dropping Episode 39: Season Ender Bender of The Pitch & Pint Podcast. While we call it the “off season” and some managers may take a break, I am considering how to improve my game ahead of next season. I’ve heard a lot of “buzz words” comes across some of these pods, as well as listener comments on what to take away from our mistakes this season. I know my mistakes, while glaring, they aren’t something that can’t be corrected. As for next season, here are some thoughts as to my approach. Continue reading “FPL: A Look Ahead”

Free Hit Activated – DGW32

Planning for the “business end” of the FPL season began when Ben Crellin posted the potential double and blank game weeks. The unscheduled games were confirm on Tuesday by the Premier League. This allowed me to finalize when I would use the Free Hit Chip (FH) and activate the second Wild Card (WC). Initial plans had me using the FH for BGW31 and WC in GW34. After listening to Planet #FPL and their chip strategy, as well as discussing chip options with Casey during Episode 26 of The Pitch & Pint Podcast, I changed my strategy for better chip usage. Continue reading “Free Hit Activated – DGW32”

FPL Strategy: Second Thought

Nothing is written in stone…yet. We are finally in BGW31, the first big blank of the week, that features just 10 Premier League teams in action this weekend. Currently, my strategy has been to build to the blank game week. Last week I rolled the FT and have two ahead of this Saturday to bring in players who will feature in both BGW31 and BGW33 (hopefully). With European action midweek and FA Cup this weekend, there are still unscheduled games that need to fill some vacant game weeks. Continue reading “FPL Strategy: Second Thought”

International Break: Wild Card?

The first four weeks of the 2018/19 Premier League are in the books and for many teams it’s been an…interesting start to the campaign. For many fantasy managers, this is a time when activation of the first wild card could take place. Don’t be fooled by the “experts” into think there is a perfect time to wild card. There isn’t. You activate the wild card when you feel it’s going to benefit your team. It’s that simple.
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Premier League: DGW34 Transfers

Uncertainty and speculation ahead of DGW34 have caused me to abandon my initial DGW34 strategy after unexpected injuries to Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mohammad Salah. The return of Harry Kane to fitness does not but add to the confusion. lLet’s not forget about Man United’s “flat track bully” ahead of favorable match ups for the double gameweek. It’s challenging moving ahead without the use of a Wild Card or Free Hit chip.
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Premier League: GW32 Retrospect

You’ve heard the adage, “measure twice, cut once.” That could have been applied this last gameweek to my transfers, as I took a -4 hit to start the week. It was a week in which my squad came through to gain me a fourth consecutive green arrow, as my ascent up the OR continues. Moving forward there are few midfield concerns, as well Harry Kane. Does he make the cut now?
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Premier League: GW32 Starting XI

What a whirlwind of an international break it as been as everything fantasy football has been geared towards DGW34. Articles and podcasts, along with Twitter discussions all hold an underlying theme. Thankfully I avoided the craziness for a week, as I had no second wild card to activate or Free Hit Chip to consider. Did it make my planning any easier? Not really, but it took away some of the stress and frustration I have seen the last few weeks.
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Premier League: GW32 Transfers

While many fantasy managers activated their second wild card during of after Gameweek 31, there are others like myself, who aren’t bothered by continued tinkering to set the “perfect” wild card squad ahead of this gameweek. Two days ago I laid out my roadmap to DGW37 with, No WC/FH Chip Strategy. There is no one “fits all” strategy, regardless of chips or wild card remaining but this is what works for my team.
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