Premier League: GW26 Transfers & Starting XI

Ahead of game week 26, it feels I’ve been out of the loop since I last podcasted, ahead of game week 24. Time constraints and life left me no time ahead of the first DGW, but after listening to other pods, they all had the game week covered. Out of DGW25, I was left disappointed with a paltry score of 51, well of the average of 65 points, probably the highest game week average of the season! Continue reading “Premier League: GW26 Transfers & Starting XI”

Premier League 25: Transfers & Starting XI

A flurry of activity after the midweek fixtures, as fantasy managers turn their attention towards the first double game week of the season. On Twitter I’ve seen some taking hits to to bring 2-3 Man City players in, while moving other options out of their starting XI. For me, I am not going to bother with DGW25. Currently, I don’t own any City assets and won’t force a square peg into a round hole, which is what I would be doing, if I attempted to chase points with City players. As for Everton…pfft…not even bothering with these Marco Silva “misfits.” Continue reading “Premier League 25: Transfers & Starting XI”

Premier League: GW24 Transfers

With the announcement of the small double game week in 25, managers must consider or reconsider Everton and Man City assets. Currently, I own neither. I move Richarlison ahead of game week 23 for Mo Salah and Leroy Sane departed prior to game week 20 for Paul Pogba. Both have been excellent transfers since bringing them in. However, with the DGW upcoming, followed by their BGW in 27, what strategy do fantasy managers take? Continue reading “Premier League: GW24 Transfers”

Premier League: GW23 Transfers

When it comes to transfers, FPL managers usually wait until the last minute to move players, in order to get the most up to date information from pressers or on potential injuries that could limit playing time. This weekend’s injury to Harry Kane dealt Spurs a huge blow, as their favorite “Son” has left for the AFC Asian Cup. The other injury that has sent ripples through FPL, the loss of Trent Alexander-Arnold, who finished the game but came up lame with a knee injury that will keep him out for a month.  Continue reading “Premier League: GW23 Transfers”

Premier League: GW18 Transfers

While the last two game weeks have been the worst I’ve experienced this season with scores of 45 and 40 points, I’ve seen my rank plummet by over 87k. That’s the downside, but spinning with a positive note, I’ve made 16 transfers this season, with a -8 point hit in game week 15 but have gained 72 immediate points from those transfers. This number includes moving Pascal Groß and Will Hughes last week with two free transfers for Pierre-Emile Højbjerg and Felipe Anderson resulting in 6 points. Continue reading “Premier League: GW18 Transfers”

Premier League: GW17 Transfers

Last week I intentionally rolled my free transfer to set me up for multiple moves ahead of game week 17. It’s been a real shot in the arm, as my team value has risen to £104.0 on the back of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Leroy Sane, new players into sqaud ahead of game week 16. It has opened the door to potential bolster a stagnant midfield that could use a bit more excitement, as it’s been the Achilles heel of my squad all season long.
Continue reading “Premier League: GW17 Transfers”

Premier League: GW15 Transfers

Patience. I’ve practiced this trait over 14 game weeks and it’s put me in a strong position (97k) in the overall rank heading in to the festive period. This is the best ranking I have seen in 5 years of FPL, this early in the season. Decisions have been logical and thought out, not chasing points or price rises. Fixtures have been weighed against form each week and up to this week, no hits had been taken. That changed.
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Premier League: GW14 Transfers

It seems to more difficult each week to put together a transfer plan midweek. Here we are again, on Wednesday, as I look over the upcoming fixtures and my 15-man squad, not know what move to make. Typical that means, don’t do anything, which is actually a consideration this week. Any potential move this week would make weight for a possible midfielder next week. I continue to mull over a few options on direction over this hectic festive period.
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Premier League: GW13 Transfers

It’s midweek and I am rolling through my weekly podcasts as I get ready to drop the Pitch & Pint Podcast Wednesday afternoon. Into the break I carried only a single transfer, as I made multiple transfers ahead of game week 12 in order to solidify my already, strong defense. Virgil van Dijk has been excellent this season for Liverpool. While still scoreless on the season, the Liverpool center defender has been very strong all season long. I welcomed him to my starting XI, dropping budget option, Ryan Bennett. Continue reading “Premier League: GW13 Transfers”

Premier League: GW12 Transfers

This time last week I was in a quandary, looking forward long term, while contemplating the short term. In the end, decision made, I brought in Will Hughes, away to Newcastle. It wasn’t Watford’s finest hour and Hughes blanked, but still carries some excellent attacking stats as he faces So’ton this weekend at St. Marys’. There is a lot on my plate this week, as I roll into midweek with 2 FT, much like last week. I have the opportunity to take a calculated risk and go offensive or play it safe, boring for more consistent, long terms results.
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Premier League: GW11 Transfers

It always feels good to head into a new game week with two free transfers, especially coming off a season high score of 87 points, that saw me jump up to 163k in the overall rank. That’s not to say I don’t have problems on my squad. There are still players that should have been shipped out weeks again. Hello, Theo Walcott, I am talking to you. Lucas Moura, you haven’t done shit since coming into my starting XI either. While I could have easily replaced both players the past few weeks, I have been looking longer term, as opposed to some short period gains. That’s you, Ross Barkley.
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