Premier League: GW22 Transfers

Going into game week 21, I knew my free transfer for Cardiff City ‘s, Neil Etheridge wasn’t a strong selection, as they hosted Spurs. While Ederson hadn’t kept a clean sheet since game week 13, he’d been losing value, which was hurting my team value. Etheridge beat out Vincente Guaita at Crystal Palace based on the upcoming run of fixtures for the Bluebirds. If Neil Warnock is to keep his team in the Premier League, this is the part of the season they need to convert and win some game. For me, it starts in goal with Etheridge, keeping it tight at the back. Continue reading “Premier League: GW22 Transfers”

Premier League: GW20 Transfers

Nearly though the festive period, as we are look ahead to ringing in the new year, for me I will just be waking up to go to work early, so any transfer I have planned will need to be sorted out today. Recently, it hasn’t been failed transfers, gaining 30 points in the last  four game weeks. Season lows of 45 and 40 points kicked off a negative trend in game week 16. On 68 points for game week 19, I was unlucky not to have a small green arrow, but the top 100k was in excess of 70 points. Talk about frustration. As I noted in my retrospect, 50 points isn’t good enough as I end the year on a red arrow. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Transfers”

Premier League: GW20 Transfers

While we wait the outcome of the Southampton vs West Ham game, it’s already time to look forward to game week 20 that starts this Saturday. I’ve got Felipe Anderson yet to play and sit on 53 points, one over the current average with a red arrow. Tough break, if it holds, it’s three reds in the last four weeks, so I can only hope Anderson bangs. Even with 7-10 points, I don’t think it would be enough to turn that red arrow, green. Continue reading “Premier League: GW20 Transfers”

Premier League: GW19 Transfers

This is probably the most important article I post this week. What to do with two free transfers and a shit load of budget tied up in forwards and defenders, while the midfield appears a wee bit thin. I’ve been going over various scenarios since setting my GW18 starting XI. Unfortunately, I didn’t look much past selling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Harry Kane. Now off the back of 28 points, is now the time to sell or hold? Continue reading “Premier League: GW19 Transfers”